[Sayma-Discuss] New Sci Fi show to have pacifist universe in it

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Mon May 5 14:44:41 EDT 2008

Dear Friends,

For those of you how like science fiction, a new show called "Charlie 
Jade" has been announced that will include as part of the story line 
a "Universe" that is pacifist.   There is, of course, the same old 
universe we live in and a future world that is where we might be 
headed if we don't change our ways.

It will be interesting to see how the writers handle conflict in the 
"pacifist universe"
I don't have high hopes for the show being non violent, but it may be 
a way to open  a conversation about a topic that is not easy to 
broach, even for some Friends.



>Charlie Jade coming to the Sci Fi Channel
>This was one fo the trippiest, thought-provoking SF TV series I've
>seen in years.
>"What if humans didn't abuse the earth and its resources? How
>different would the world be? Take a fantastic leap of the
>imagination and explore the world through three parallel universes -
>Alphaverse (what our world could end up being), Betaverse (our world
>today), and Gammaverse (what our world could have been).
>Charlie Jade is a rogue detective in Alphaverse who, while on the
>hunt for the killer of a missing woman, gets caught in an explosion
>from a covert desert operation, propelling him into a stange parallel
>universe (Betaverse). As he searches for the truth about the
>explosion, he is drawn into a conflict that not only involves his
>home universe and the one he now inhabits, but another pristine
>pacificist universe (Gammaverse) with unsuspected terror at its
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