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Dear Friends:

On September 11-12, 2008,  Evangelicals for Human Rights, with the National 
Religious Campaign  Against Torture and Mercer University, will host a national 
summit  on torture in Atlanta, GA, on the campus of Mercer University.   
Featuring some of the nation's top thinkers and leaders in the  anti-torture 
community, this conference is co-sponsored by an  unprecedented group of 

We invite you to  be a part of this two day conference. We will examine the 
journey of  the United States, since September 11, 2001, from a nation that  
championed human rights, albeit imperfectly, to a nation that  publicly 
acknowledges and supports the use of torture.  

Obviously, for people of faith, the journey does not end  here. Speakers and 
participants will also explore the path of return  to once again becoming a 
nation that leads the world in the  protection of human rights. 

Religious Faith, Torture, and  Our National Soul is organized and 
co-sponsored by individuals and  groups who have sought to mobilize Americans and people 
of faith to  oppose human rights violations in the struggle against terrorism. 
 There will be moments of prayer and biblical reflection that embody  these 
convictions, and the entire event will be infused with moral  conviction drawn 
from the evangelical religious tradition.  

However, conference speakers will reflect a variety of faith  perspectives. 
The conference is open to all who will come. Our  vision is that the conference 
will be a template for the kind of  discourse, both faith-based and 
otherwise, that opens wide the doors  for dialogue rather than closing them. 

We invite you to be a  part of ths important conference. Register before June 
1 for an  early registration discount. Early registration fee is $99.  
Beginning June 1, registration fee will increase to $150.  

Students' Discount: Register before  June 1 for an early student registration 
discount. Early student  registration fee is $50. Beginning June 1, student 
registration will  increase to $65.

For more Registration  details_  click here:  

For more information, contact the Conference  Coordinator:
Mary Head, Evangelicals for Human Rights  
3001 Mercer University Drive, Day Hall 103 
Atlanta, GA  30341
mhead at nrcat.org

Questions that will be  considered during the Conference: 
    *   What policy decisions led to torture?  
    *   How did the US military respond?  
    *   What does torture do to human beings?  
    *   What has the torture debate revealed about American  Christianity?  
    *   What is really going on at Guantanamo Bay?How do we heal the  
(American) Christian relationship with the Muslim world?  
    *   What legislative efforts are being made to address torture?  
    *   How do Christians break free from cultural captivity?  
    *   What are younger thinkers noticing about this cultural moment  that 
others are missing?  
    *   How do we restore America's leadership in protecting human  rights? 
Current Co-Sponsors  include:
Mercer University, Evangelicals for Human  Rights, the National Religious 
Campaign Against Torture, the Center  for Victims of Torture, Cooperative Baptist 
Fellowship, Evangelicals  for Social Action, Faith and the City, Faith in 
Public Life, the  National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Sojourners, 
and  Morehouse College.

Key Speakers include:  
Katie Barge,  Elizabeth Bounds, Lawrence Carter, John  Chandler, Richard 
Cizik, Mark P. Denbeaux, Pete Dross, Karen J.  Greenberg, David P. Gushee, Linda 
Gustitus, Gita Gutierrez, Jeanne  Herrick-Stare, Scott Horton, George 
Hunsinger, Rear Admiral D. John  Hutson (Ret. USN), Cheryl Bridges Johns, Doug Johnson, 
Cathleen  Kaveny, Richard Killmer, Rick Love, Denise Massey, Elissa 
Massimino,  Matt Norman, Michael Peppard, Kathryn Reklis, Stephen Rickard,  Samuel 
Rodriguez, Andy Saperstein, Ronald J. Sider, Glen H. Stassen,  Natalie 
Wigg-Stevenson, Tyler Wigg Stevenson, Asante Todd, and  Thomas Wilner.

We hope you can join us.

Linda  Gustitus, NRCAT President
Richard Killmer, NRCAT Executive  Director       
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