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Steve Livingston nc-stereoman at mail.com
Thu Oct 2 18:06:19 EDT 2008

 It's important to note that when the first Bill went down to defeat in
the House, the Stock market plummeted but the world did not come to an
end,  the next day the Market recovered most of its losses, and the
Congress got to work on improving the Bill to provide more protection for
Main Street and less for Wall Street. It's almost a week later now, and
the world still hasn't come to an end.

Dennis Kucinich and Paul Krugman, two people whom I admire and trust a
great deal, both advise that it is better to pass a good Bill a week from
now than a bad Bill tomorrow. And Dennis said on the floor of the House
today that the current Bill is not merely bad, it is "disgusting".

No matter when this Bill is passed, we are in for some very hard times,
because we have come to the end of the useful life of a currency based on
debt and oil. Delaying another week is not going to make the difference
between suffering or not suffering, but it may very well make the
difference as to who suffers and who doesn't. The Bill in its present
form gives too much protection to the Fat Cats who got us into this mess,
and as Kit points out, not enough to the ordinary people who got caught
up in it - and their children.

The Dem leadership, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid,
have been in the bankers' pockets since the beginning, and are lobbying
hard to get the Bill passed in its present form. Stalwart defenders of
ordinary people, like Dennis Kucinich, continue to speak truth to power
as forcefully as they can. The Bill in its present form is not good
enough. The leadership of both parties IS holding a gun to our heads. We
need to call their bluff.

The Bill needs more work, and our economy is not going to expire in a
week. Bite the bullet and do the work!


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