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Yes - complete lyrics


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That would be a line from the Leonard Cohen song "Anthem" -- I often hum it, myself.

Another Leonard Cohen tune I like, apropos in these troubled times:  "Hallelujah"

Susan Jeffers
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Charles Schade wrote: 

Remember, there was a serious and ugly incident at Guilford a year or two ago.  We should not judge an institution by the actions of a minority, but by how the institution collectively responds to the problem.  Guilford rose to the occasion, and the report suggests George Fox may do the same.  We should hold the faculty and students at George Fox in the Light.


Some years back there was a poem in Friends Journal that seems appropriate to this situation.  I am not sure I can quote it correctly, but it read something like this:


Forget you perfect offering

Ring the bells that still can ring

There's a crack, a crack in everything.

It's how the Light gets in.  


(if anybody has a copy of the original, I would love to see it)



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