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 Geeta and Bob,

What a wonderful celebration this is going to be!? Congratulations to the entire Celo Meeting community.? We wish we could be with you.? As it turns out, Westwood, in honor of its 10th year anniversary, is holding a visioning weekend on 10/11 and 10/12.? 

I do know of two folks who have been living at Westwood who are moving to Burnsville this week and are very interested in connecting to folks at Celo, with an interest in attending meeting, who would love to join you.? Their names are Gordon and Kasia.? 

Much love to you, Evan


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Sorry, incorrect date - Please see below

Dear friends,

Hopefully you have all seen the announcement in the SAYMA Newsletter of

Dedication of the new Celo Friends meetinghouse on
October 12, 

however there was no place to RSVP

Meeting for Worship 3PM

Potluck following

Songfest about 7PM

Please contact me by email? if you are coming with how many
people. Also if you know of other people who might be coming who aren't
on the listserve could you get the message to them or RSVP for them

There will be no refreshments after Regular 10:45 meeting for

Look forward to seeing some of you

In the Light,

Geeta Jyothi


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