[Sayma-Discuss] Fw: URGENT: Call for Nominations from Donna Anderton

Charles Schade c.vmbra at verizon.net
Wed Feb 11 21:29:32 EST 2009

Friends (and especially those with concerns about the direction the Service Committee is going),

Here is an opportunity to help guide the Service Committee through nominating Friends to the organization's committees and boards.  As one of your Corporation members, I have observed the end product of the nominating process for a couple of years.  But as a geographically challenged Friend, my knowledge of people in our Yearly Meeting who might want to serve is not very deep.

If you are led to serve and would like to learn more about the opportunities, please drop me a note, and I will try to be of assistance.  If you want to recommend others, the appropriate forms are attached.


Charles Schade,
Charleston WV

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Subject: URGENT: Call for Nominations from Donna Anderton

Dear Board & Corporation members,


All of us at the American Friends Service Committee are working to support the staff, strengthen the Board and the various committees of the organization, and observe the best possible processes in doing so.  We've been giving particular attention as an organization to staff restructuring, to developing the membership, capacity and governance of the Board of Directors, to simplifying and strengthening committees, and to assuring that the excellent work, service, oversight, and legacy of the Service Committee are sustained.


The Standing Nominating Committee has one role in these many needed processes.  We cannot fulfill that role without your help, for which I ask you urgently now.  THE SNC is charged to recommend hundreds of persons for service each year, DRAWING ON THE NEEDS, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND NAMES SUGGESTED BY EACH OF YOU IN YOUR VARIOUS ROLES.


Please, please, please!  Help us do the organization's work for your and those we serve:


  1.. Look at the Board and committee lists attached.  Notice that terms of service are for three years, that the Board and Committees are divided into three panels, and, therefore, that one third of those who serve must be replaced each year.  Every person serving on any 2009 panel must be renewed or replaced this year.

    2.  Think about these openings and those you know to determine one or more persons you'd suggest for these various needs.


  3.. Take a copy of the Nominating form attached, and use it to interview those you would suggest.  Fill out the form.  Tell us why you recommend the person.  Send the form to Tonya Histand,  THistand at afsc.org, and take a bow for your critical service.

These are hard times; the work of the AFSC is needed more than ever to help others meet urgent needs.  That can only happen with your assistance.  Please give us a hand?


We need your recommendations before the next meeting of your Standing Nominating Committee on March 6.  Won't you please help us name others so we can help those who need us most more effectively?


Thank you in advance for anything you can do.  Please email me at dkanderton at aol.com or telephone me at 215 620 6236 for any clarification or help I might offer.


Yours in service,




Donna K. Anderton




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