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Elizabeth Eames roeblingelizabeth at msn.com
Sat Jan 24 06:32:05 EST 2009

As one who is living in a nation where people who are denied US visas regularly take to the sea in small and dangerous boats, spending money that could be invested in their own nation, I do not deplore the strict enforcement of US immigration policy. The US takes in more legal immigrants that the rest of the world combined. The perception here in the Dominican Republic is that the streets are paved with gold, living is easy, money is easy to come by. Instead of working of developing their own nation, which could be a paradise, they take to "yolas", the open boats, to make their way to Puerto Rico. I think that the US should be a nation of laws, and that these laws should be enforced. If there are people who have broken these laws, they should be subject to punishment. Sorry. This may be an unpopular view.

Elizabeth Roebling, Santo Domingo



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