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Dear Friends,

Message from AFSC about their response to events in Gaza.


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From: Ruth Seeley [mailto:RSeeley at afsc.org] 
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Subject: AFSC Response to Events in Gaza


Dear AFSC Board and Corporation Members,


We would like to share with you the AFSC response to events in Gaza.  


Working with partner organizations in Gaza, AFSC will contribute $50,000 to
help meet humanitarian needs in the city over approximately two weeks.
People can contribute to the AFSC crisis fund here -
http://www.afsc.org/israel-palestine/ht/display/ContentDetails/i/73214 . 


The money will be used to

.         move supplies from Israel into Gaza.

.         purchase 1,800 gallons of fuel for generators in hospitals and

.         buy high-energy biscuits for children at a cost of about $1 per
child per day.

.         buy medicine.

.         buy dry and canned food that does not need to be cooked.  This
will be distributed through feeding centers set up by the YMCA and the
Middle East Council of Churches.


Once our staff in Gaza can move with some safety, they will go to the
distribution sites and monitor, follow up, and document the distributions.
We expect to spend the entire $50,000 by the beginning of February.  The
money is part of approximately $160,000 contributed by three partner


You can find the latest updates from our staff in the field at:


 You can also find our statement "A Needed Break in the Violence" on our web
site: http://afsc.org/ht/display/ContentDetails/i/73872/pid/450 


If you have any questions, please contact Adam Horowitz at:
AHorowitz at afsc.org 


Ruth Seeley

Assistant General Secretary for Quaker Affairs

American Friends Service Committee

 <mailto:RSeeley at afsc.org> RSeeley at afsc.org  


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