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This is the more recent newsletter of School of the  Spirit.
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News from the School of the  Spirit Ministry   
February  2009
In This Issue   _Q&A Call In and Testing the  Waters_ 
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Dear Patty,   
In this issue we celebrate the life and love  of Louise Harris, a graduate of 
the Spiritual Nurturer  class of 2008, who died on January 17. Louise was our 
 teacher. In the loving community of that class, she  found the space to heal 
and forgive. When diagnosed with  pancreatic cancer, she found herself freed 
from earthly  concerns and she shone with God's unflinching love.  Those who 
knew her intimately--her husband John and  sister Eleanor--recognized, as did 
we all, that this was  not a denial of death, but a celebration of life. In  
addition to sharing with you her final papers, we  include John's message of 
passion which he read at her  memorial. We send our love and prayers to John and  
Eleanor, and all those who will miss her.

The  condition of the economy is impacting each of our lives.  This is true 
too for organizations such as ours. Since  we rent retreat space for our 
programs, we plan up to 3  years ahead. So if you are interested in participating  
in either the two-year program On Being a Spiritual  Nurturer or the one-year 
program The Way of Ministry,  it would be a great service to us if you would 
complete  this _survey_ 
d) .  

As always, please share this newsletter with a  friend or two. Just use the 
link to the  left.

Michael  Green
Q&A Call In and Testing the Waters Retreat    
Are  you in the midst of discerning whether or not this is your  year to 
apply to the Spiritual Nurturer  program?  Are the scheduled Testing the Waters 
retreats  inconvenient for you?  Then consider joining the core  teachers in a 
question and answer Call In on Sunday, March 15,  beginning at 7 p.m. (EST).  

Click _here_ 
(http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=zdbgzxcab.0.7knemwcab.gutvjscab.0&ts=S0394&p=http://www.quakerinfo.com/nurtconfcall.shtml)  for details  of the Q&A 
Call In.

In this call, the teachers will  respond to your spiritual, as well as your 
practical  questions.  The intent is to assist you in your  discernment, not to 
recruit you to the program.   

As a reminder, there is a Testing the Waters day-long  retreat at Alexandria 
Friends Meeting, VA, on March 28.   

The requested donation for each day is $25. To  register, please send us an 
_email_ (mailto:info at schoolofthespirit.org)  with your contact information and  
indicating for which retreat day you are  registering.

For the prospectus and to download the  application and scholarship forms, 
please visit our _website_ 
(http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=zdbgzxcab.0.tjpmntcab.gutvjscab.0&ts=S0394&p=http://www.quakerinfo.com/sos.shtml) .

Statement of  Faith by Louise  Harris

Toward the  end of the Spiritual  Nurturer program, each participant is asked 
to write a  statement of faith.  Here are a few sentences from  Louise's 
statement which she wrote last November.    

"At this point in my life, I have recently gotten a  diagnosis of pancreatic 
cancer. From the first, I felt very  free. I knew that God was with me and in 
every cell in my  body, that there were no good cells or bad cells.  God is  
in the entire universe, in the winds, snows, smiles of  children, sorrows and 
pains, animals and the creepy crawly  things of the earth.  God has just given 
this to me as  another challenge, never leaving me alone one moment.  I  see 
no duality between death and life, enabling me to  potentially live each day 

For a 5-minute audio  meditation with her complete statement, click _here_ 
quakerinfo.com/harrisfaith.mp3) .  (Unfortunately we do not have it read in 
her own voice and  inimitable style.) It can also be read _here_ 
om/harrisfaith.pdf) .  

Louise's paper on forgiveness can be read _here_ 
ve.pdf) .

God's Passion: A Memorial  Message by John Cardarelli

I love you with a  fierceness
Blackberry juice lining throats, aftertaste of  wild sweet savor,
Morphing butterflies dancing wildly in  the sun,
Red-tailed hawk mewing its presence
Silently  winging.
Sentinel huckleberry tree, blueberry vibrant on  windswept ridge
Your loving on logging trail beneath  BrownMountain blue lights.
Pileated Pair.

John's complete message can be read _here_ 
f) .

Prayers by Viv  Hawkins

(Viv wrote these prayers following the second residency  of The Way of 
Ministry  program in December 2008.)

Most High One who enfolds us  in You and You in us, thank You.  Thank You for 
the  tension that contained so many interlocking  pieces:
          The struggle to open the way so we may see and be seen, hear  and 
be heard, love and be loved by each other as well as  You.
          Brueggemann... cry (evoke alternative) doxology... criticism  and  
          Something is here that I can't know yet.  I feel it  inside and 
around me rattling like the valve on a pressure  cooker.  How do I and we  open?
         The  willingness for two of us to wrestle in hard places.  I  know 
how to disappear.  The other knows how, also.   Tears keep me open.  The other 
keeps her seat.   Grace  happens.
          With my peer group, I share about the beggars to whom I gave  Rs 3 
(6 cents) in India.  I labor knowing that giving  anything short of my life 
is sin.  They help me see  through tearful eyes the true exchange: "I see you 
and I love  you."  I forgive  myself.
          Looking unabashedly into the soft, gentle eyes of one who  loves 
largely.  Having those eyes look trustfully into  mine.  Being asked what I see 
there.  Love.   Imagining that God might bestow me with one iota of that love 
 so I might pass it on.  Tears  flow.
          Lamentation calls forth the depths of my pain and  longing.  My 
whole body shakes with the sobs, the  yearning for life, for the Kindom of All.  
How  long?
         I  know the struggle with otherness in many places.  It  torments 
me again.  I pray with my prayer partner "to be  and be with."  Keep your  seat.
         The  diagram shows me the other I have most difficulty taking in.  
Keep your  seat.
          Refiner's fire ablaze.  One blow does not extinguish  it.  
Terrified I'll burn down the building.  Fearing  myself.  Breath of God.  Relief.   
         Crouched  in the corner of that large room swaddled in "grand  
silence," I assume the small, disappearing place.  I  keep my seat there healing, 
         Coaxing  the cry to mature and fulfill itself.  Reaching out,  
being heard, lovingly received.  Blessed, broken, given,  and received.  
Communion.  Ahhhhhh.   Release.
          Exorcism.  While love may be the first motion, it does  not always 
appear as love.  It sometimes manifests as  criticism.  For one who fears 
being feared or mistrusted,  criticism can be a self-sacrificial love, risking 
the self's  need for the greater good.   
         Death  and resurrection.  God of all the nations, help us know  
when we are called to leave the dead to bury the dead, call  forth Lazarus, or 
come upon the tomb where the stone is rolled  away?  Lament evoking doxology.  
"And when the day  is done and I see the setting sun, I will lift my voice and  
say, 'Thank You, Lord, thank You for one more day.  Thank  you for one more  
          Self-in-God-sibling-community.  The wine is spilled into  the 
Infinite and we flow there.
Praise You, Blessed  One.  Praise these blessed ones who serve You in  
preparing The Way of Ministry, in preparing us all, Your  servants.  

I came to residency 2 to learn about  the ministry: that which we do.  I 
mostly learned about  myself, God, and our relations with community: that which we 
 are.  The latter is far greater a pearl to me.   Thank you, Beckey.  Thank 
you, Laura.  Thank you,  Marcelle.  Thank you, Barbarajene and Katharine.   

Thank You, God.  Now, will you let me sleep until  at least 6:30am, again.  
These three o'clock in the  morning appointments are killing me!  

A Ministry of Prayer and  Learning devoted to the School of the Spirit 
is  dedicated to all who wish to be more faithful listeners and  responders 
to the inward work of Christ.

Donations are  always welcome. Checks may be sent to the address below, made  
out to Philadelphia Yearly  Meeting earmarked for the School of the  Spirit.

A Ministry of  Prayer and Learning devoted to the School of the Spirit is a  
ministry under the care of 
the Worship and Care Committee  of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

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