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Elizabeth Eames roeblingelizabeth at msn.com
Tue Mar 10 05:43:36 EDT 2009

Dear Friends- 

I write to you again from the Dominican Republic to urge you to have your Meeting's representative to FCNL move the issue of Temporary Protected Status for Haitians up on their agenda.

I know that the immigration issue is already a grave concern to FCNL and that there staff is well versed on the law and the issues. 

My understanding is that Haitians would qualify for Temporary Protected Status under this law. As I have stated, the nation of Haiti is very fragile,under the protection of UN peacekeepers,having only recovered from a coup in 2004, and just on its way to democracy. Because of the four storms last year, it is facing famine. It suffers from an ongoing wave of kidnappings which keep it on the State Department travel warning list, precluding tourism, the backbone of the economy here in the neighboring Dominican Republic. It is still a transshipment point for cocaine. The introduction of these deportees, particularly those with felony records and no ties to the community, will further destablize this nation, and by extension, this entire island. 

Please discuss this issue in your Meetings. Should anyone wish further information, please feel free to call me on SKPYE at "elizabetheamesroebling" or send me your number, or the number of anyone in your Meeting, and I will call them to answer any questions.

We are awaiting delicate elections in Haiti in April. The party of former President Aristide has been banned and there have already been protests on the street. 

There is a concern that further disruptions will tip the balance into chaos.

Thank you for your attention to Haiti.

Elizabeth Roebling

Asheville Friends Meeting

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



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