[Sayma-Discuss] Supporting a School in Haiti

Elizabeth Eames roeblingelizabeth at msn.com
Mon Mar 30 06:30:01 EDT 2009

Friends - 

Members of my own Asheville Meeting have asked for a list of projects in Haiti that they might support. I wished to draw to the attention of all member Meetings of SAYMA to a small school project on an island off the south coast of Haiti, Il a Vache. http://www.ecoleduvillage.org/

This particular island was first settled by freed US slaves. The administrator of this foundation is a Haitian, Pat Lucien, who lives in Boston and works diligently for the restoration of his country. There is no international NGO involved in this project.

As you will see, there are still many children in need of annual support, which costs $60 per child per year. It would be gratifying to see the names of Friends or Friends Meetings among the sponsors list.

Mesi d'avant
Elizabeth Roebling


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