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To members of the Board, Corporation and all staff:
The Search Committee for the new AFSC General Secretary again would like to
thank all of you who took the time to answer the General Secretary Survey,
who shared with us names of Friends to contact about the General Secretary
position, who participated in the focus group meetings held the last week in
March. We are grateful that so many of you made the effort to communicate
with us in these important ways, and share with us your hopes and desires
regarding the future leadership of the organization.

As you may remember from previous updates, the closing date for submission
of letters of interest and résumés for the General Secretary position was
March 19, 2010. Since then, the Search Committee has met in person to review
the application materials of Friends who felt led to apply to serve in this
capacity. Preliminary interviews have now been scheduled for selected
candidates, and it remains our hope to bring a recommendation of a final
candidate for the next General Secretary to the June 2010 AFSC Board

We would like to see this update on the progress of the search for the next
General Secretary reach as many Friends and supporters of AFSC as possible.
For Corporation and Board members, please forward this message to Friends
and share it with the Yearly and Monthly meetings in your vicinity. For AFSC
staff, please forward this message to our community partners and supporters.

We continue to ask you to pray for our work and to hold us in the Light, as
together we seek the ongoing revelations and leadings of the Spirit.

Sam Lowe
Clerk of the AFSC General Secretary Search Committee


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