[Sayma-Discuss] Credit where credit is due: Iraqis ended the Iraq war

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Tue Aug 3 09:50:57 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

Although President Obama looks like he is taking credit for the removal of
US troops, the USA had wanted to leave a "residual force" of 60,000 troops,
after it "pulled out".     it was the Iraqi government that has us leaving.
(otherwise we would have ended up with another N Korea type border with Iran
being the "bad guy" this time.  


Some sort of message about the ineffectiveness of the anti war movement in
America.    No matter who is in office, they seem to become part of the
Military Industrial Complex.  L

What can we do to become more effective?   We can't keep doing the "same
old, same old"  and see changes in the outcomes, can we? 

Where are the new ideas and new tactics for helping our country to see the
futility of armed conflict to resolve problems between nations and people? 


Free Polazzo 

5525 Dorsett Shoals Lane

Douglasville, GA 30135

770-949-1707  (H)

After listening comes reflection . . .  then possibly action.

 P please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.




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