[Sayma-Discuss] Where is your money invested, Friend?

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How does a Friend tell a "heartless corporation" from one with a "heart"?   





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It's easy to feel powerless to change the world when there are so many 

things falling apart around us. Fortunately, we Quakers are called not 

to change the world, but to live our lives as if the world were already 

changed. In such a world, where would your money be invested? Would it 

be in petroleum? In drugs? In heartless corporations?


A sojourning Friend from Asheville Meeting notes that some Friends' 

organizations may not have this part of our Quaker testimony down pat. 

Is our own Yearly Meeting among those? How about our Monthly Meetings? 

Are our investments in accord with the world we seek to live in?


Our sojourning Friend writes from the poorest country in the Western 





What canst thou say, Friend?


In the Light,




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