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Dear Friends,


Lots of Friends service is thru participation in Not for Profits.   In fact, our monthly and yearly meetings are classified as “not for profits” too.    (a specialized form to be sure!) 


This is a 1 hour prerecorded webinar that explains how not for profits need to change to help them solve the issues they were created to do.    

You may know lots of what they are saying, but it is well presented and is good for any nonprofit that you are working with to do a better job.


If nothing else, it will help you to better understand the “networking issues” that not for profits deal with.      


Non profits are EVERYWHERE.  We need them to succeed and with the increase in need and the decrease in funding all of us need to learn how to help each other out better than we have.  


Hope this helps YOUR causes and that you can forward this to the people in the “fortresses”  who can make a change in how they do their work.  










Hello Free Polazzo,

We saw that you registered for the Networked Nonprofit webinar last week but were unable to attend. If you would like a recap of the webinar or to listen to the recording and view the slides you can access them using this link. http://bit.ly/cyBgwk. <http://bit.ly/cyBgwk> 

Care2 Team


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