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Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Sun Jun 27 19:02:54 EDT 2010

Hi Thais,

It was very wonderful to meet you at SAYMA's YM.  One of the reasons I go to
YM is to meet "Extraordinary People" and you fit that to a "T"!  :)  

Thanks for the helping out with registration.  Without registrars we can't
have a YM.    Yes, the SAYMA list server does also help maintain the
community of SAYMA, too.  The SAYMA discussion list address is :
sayma-discuss at kitenet.net    
Congratulations on your new job.   It sounds perfect for you and the trip in
to town sounds like will give you even more community than you now have.
Plus, since you get to Nashville, you get to eat yummier food for lunch than
otherwise.     Also meet some "big city" folks.

Yes, I am still very interested in AVP and getting some training.  Perhaps
when AFSC opens its new Southeastern Office we can ask Bettie Knott to help
us get one going here in Atlanta.   With AFSC' list and the Atlanta Friends
Meeting, this could be quite a good thing to bring here.   I did the Help
Increase the Peace (HIP) training when it was part of SERO's program about
10 years or so ago.      Glad to hear its still around.     I might want to
let people in my home county know about that and if you have any info on who
to contact that would be helpful, too.  

Also, If you know folks who have worked on prison recidivism programs in the
past (or currently) and who might have even used AVP as part of their
program, that would be of interest to me.    



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Hi, Free,

It was great to see you at SAYMA.  I know you are (or have been ) on the
SAYMA listservs.  I used to receive the posts & emailed Liz who says I am
still "on all 3" lists.  I'm assuming my Bellsouth spam filters are
preventing me from getting them.  Liz wasn't able to give me the addresses
to add to my book since her computer is sick (terminally ill?)

Do you happen to know any of the listserv addresses so I can add them to my
address book & hopefully start rec'ing the posts again?

Good news- I was offered a job at a Vanderbilt clinic.  It's actually a
phone job, which I had before, where we monitor & adjust patient's blood
thinner doses based on their lab results.  A day job, Mon-Friday .   Hooray!
And a small raise.  The manager sent my request for my next 2 residencies at
School of the Spirit, which will be unpaid leave, to the adminstration & it
was approved because it was considered education.  Things fell into place
amazingly.   The only down side is having to drive to Nashville, about 27
miles I think.  I'm looking for someone to carpool with- I think a guy at
our Meeting wants to work out something plus another former coworkers may
take a job in the same building.

Thanks so much.  I have really missed the SAYMA listserv.  I guess I thought
they were inactive until I was helping Linda with registration & saw
messages in her inbox.  I haven't rec'd any in months.

I'm also anxious to talk with you more about  AVP.



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