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JERE LICCIARDELLO licciardelloj at bellsouth.net
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Phone trees, by Jere Licciardello

I wonder about phone trees
I wonder about email trees
if they exist
Email blasts
We send out
Do cover everyone quickly, 
A spray
Everyone may not read
Not everyone grasps the content.
Not to add complexity to life
Our community grows
in intensity
The smaller we are.
Unprogrammed Quakers are rare.
Unprogrammed Hicksites are rarer still.
Visitors and fellow rare birds
View us with intensity in the eyes
and hearts, seeking to find
the identity
the faith
The fewer we know
The better we know 
The better we know one another
The better we communicate
The closer we become.
Remember where Terry sat, 
Remember where Jubal, Janine sat, Butch and Breann
Hold me in the light
Expansion is awareness of
Expansion and contraction
Pangs of the heart
Perfect in their way
I wonder if phone trees exist.
Maybe just pay a call.

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The deadline for the next issue of Southern Appalachian Friend is March 15, just a week from now. If you have articles or announcements you would like included, please get them to me by then. If the short notice is a problem, let me know and we'll see if accommodation is possible.

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