[Sayma-Discuss] Tarsandsaction

Bob McGahey rmcgahey at main.nc.us
Mon Aug 8 10:36:49 EDT 2011

Please pass on this alert and request for action.  350.org and 
tarsandsaction.org are sponsoring a series of demonstrations and sit-ins 
at the White House gates in an effort to persuade President Obama to 
deny permission to build a pipeline from Alberta to Texas to carry the 
product of the Alberta tarsands operation to the refineries and ports of 
Texas.  The action will run from August 20 through September 3, with 
some committing civil disobedience each day.
    The project is the largest environmental disaster on earth.  You can 
read details at ecospirit.blogspot.com, my blog, with information about 
participation and support at tarsandsaction.org. I will be committing 
disobedience at the White House August 22.  I hope to see some of you in 
DC that week. 

Bob McGahey,
Co-Clerk, Celo Meeting,

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