[Sayma-Discuss] Idea for those who must have Liz print the SAYMA YM minutes (or even may want to print their own copy)

Free Polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Wed Aug 24 22:02:46 EDT 2011

Hi Liz,


Thanks for the link to the YM minutes on the SAYMA website.     


Thanks to Tim Lamm for his clerking and Bill Holland for the minute taking. It was a very full meeting with the Spirit flying fast and furiously in all directions.   (That’s not exactly what the minutes say, though! J )   


It is wonderful to be able to read the minutes without needing to print them.   Everyone receiving the email from Liz should be able to download the minutes with a click or two of their mouse.   OR you can return to the website any time you want to read the minutes, without even downloading the minutes in the PDF so thoughtfully provided.   Simply click on the link and then  “open” and voila, there are the minutes to read at your leisure any time you have an internet connection that works.     So this is a plea to SAYMA Friends to not print their own copies of faith and practice.    If you lose the link, just to go to WWW.SAYMA.ORG click on the documents page and there it is! 


This may be a good time to remind Friends that the minutes include approval of a new section on "Care of the Earth"   The last paragraph of that section says:


"  4. SAYMA Friends respond in a variety of ways to the challenges of sustainable living. Many of us know we must reduce and work to eliminate the harmful consequences of our activities; use of energy, housing choices, modes and distances of travel, diet and other consumption habits. We are called to have courage and find more effective ways to live harmoniously as part of the natural world."


Can the 2011 YM minutes provide us with a test of our newly approved commitment to take “Care of the Earth”  by practicing more of what we believe in the world and not just in our Guide?    (I call it “Faith and Practice, Practice, Practice!” )


May I suggest, that if anyone needs a printed copy to be sent by our Administrative Assistant, that they add a "carbon tax" with the request and donate $ 6.00 to $10.00 for each copy printed and sent?   If you are against any “new taxes” this meets the test because it is voluntary.   


The money collected needs to be "invested" in something that will reclaim the carbon used to print and ship the minutes.     I suggest our "green" friends can point us in the right direction for those choices.  


Is this idea something that needs to be referred to a committee of the YM?  If so, which one? Maybe finance?  


I’m a “process evangelist” and understand it may take several years to get this idea “approved”.   I have heard that “every journey begins with a single step.    Can someone else take the “second” step?    


Isn’t it great to be a Quaker and have the ability to, perhaps, effect change on such a small scale?   


Practice, Practice, Practice. .  .  




-- Free 

Process Evangelist


After listening comes reflection . . .  then possibly action.

                                             P please consider the environment before printing this e-mail OR The SAYMA YM Minutes! .




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The minutes of the 2011 sessions of SAYMA are available on the website 

at http://www.sayma.org/online_documents/YM2011_Minutes.pdf


If you would like a paper copy, please let me know not later than August 

31.  Please note that the complete minutes, with attachments, run to 89 

pages.  I have no problem getting copies printed for anyone who needs 

the paper, but be aware that the cost for printing and mailing will be 

about $6 per set.


In peace,





Liz Perch

SAYMA Administrative Assistant


P.O. Box 5848

Savannah, GA 31404

(865)272 9621

adminasst at sayma.org


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