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Dear Friends,


If you haven't seen Michael Moore I recommend him to you.   He makes people
quake!   and laugh!  and some are even moved to action!      Joy, joy, joy.
He gives voice to millions  of people by asking questions that are nowhere
else to be found in our media obsessed country.      He is the "face of the
left" on TV and in movie theatres.    Whether you are a lefty or not, his
voice is important to hear.    


I have just finished watching Micheal Moore on the CNN show hosted by Piers
Anthony, recorded last night.   Michael is a breath of fresh air and I can
always breathe easier after listening to him speak.   Someone is effective
at speaking truth to power with passion and with intelligence gathered by
his unyielding curiosity about and search for the truth.  


Below is a sample of the kind of spirit he brings to any conversation and
our country sure needs a conversation about the topics that he lists below.


Having read (Listened to) his new book "Here Comes Trouble:  Stories from my
Life"  I know him better than just his TV and Movie appearance.    This book
is his  autobiography from his childhood in Flint, Michigan thru his making
of "Roger and Me".     I recommend it to you.


2012 will be a most interesting year.


-- Free

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After listening comes reflection . . .  then possibly action.


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Subject: The Winter of Our Occupation ...a proposal from Michael Moore


The Winter of Our Occupation ...a proposal from Michael Moore 

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 


And now it is winter. Wall Street rejoices, hoping that the change of
seasons will mean a change in our spirit, our commitment to stop them. 

They couldn't be more wrong. Have they not heard of Washington and the
troops at Valley Forge? The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike in the winter of
1936-37? The Michigan Wolverines crushing Ohio State in the 1950 Blizzard
Bowl? When it comes to winter, it is the time historically when the people
persevere and the forces of evil make their retreat! 

We are not even 12 weeks old, yet Occupy Wall Street has grown so fast, so
big, none of us can keep up with the hundreds of towns who have joined the
movement, or the thousands of actions -- some of them just simple ones in
neighborhoods, schools and organizations -- that have happened. The national
conversation has been irreversibly changed. Now everyone is talking about
how the 1% are getting away with all the money while the 99% struggle to
make ends meet. People are no longer paralyzed by despair or apathy. Most
know that now is the time to reclaim our country from the bankers, the
lobbyists -- and their gofers: the members of the United States Congress and
the 50 state legislatures. 

And they're crazy if they think that a little climate chaos (otherwise known
as winter in the 21st century) that they've helped to bring about is going
to stop us. 

I would like to propose to my Occupying sisters and brothers that there are
many ways to keep Occupy Wall Street going through the winter months. There
is perhaps no better time to move the movement indoors for a few months --
and watch it grow even bigger! (For those who have the stamina to maintain
the outdoor occupations, by all means, keep it up -- and the rest of us will
do our best to help you and keep you warm!) 

The winter gives us an amazing opportunity to expand our actions against the
captains of capitalism who have occupied our homes with their fraudulent
mortgage system which has tossed millions of families out onto the curb; a
cruel health care system that has told 50 million Americans "if you can't
afford a doctor, go F yourself"; a student loan system that sends
22-year-olds into an immediate "debtors' prison" of working lousy jobs for
which they didn't go to school but now have to take because they're in hock
for tens of thousands of dollars for the next two decades; and a jobs market
that keeps 25 million Americans un- or under-employed -- and much of the
rest of the workers forced to accept wage cuts, health care reductions and
zero job security. 

But we in the Occupy Movement reject this version of the "American Dream."
Instead, I suggest we shift our focus for this winter to the following



A proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street from Michael Moore

1. Occupy Our Homes. Sorry, banks, a roof over one's head is a human right,
and you will no longer occupy our homes through foreclosure and eviction
because well, you see, they are our homes, not yours. You may hold the
mortgage; you don't hold the right to throw us or our neighbors out into the
cold. With almost one in three home mortgages currently in foreclosure,
nearing foreclosure or "underwater," the Occupy Movement must form local
"Occupy Strike Forces" to create human shields when the banks come to throw
people out of their homes. If the foreclosure has already happened, then we
must help families move back into their foreclosed homes -- literally (see
this clip from my last film to watch how a home re-occupation is
accomplished <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVYIBikzwmk&feature=youtu.be>
). Beginning today, Take Back the Land, plus many other citizens'
organizations nationwide, are kicking off Occupy Our Homes
<http://occupyourhomes.org/> . Numerous actions throughout the day today
have already
to-1>  resulted
551.html>  in many families physically taking back their homes. This will
continue every day until the banks are forced to stop their fraudulent
practices, until homeowners are allowed to change their mortgage so that it
reflects the true value of their homes, and until those who can no longer
afford a mortgage are allowed to stay in their homes and pay rent. I beseech
the news media to cover these actions -- they are happening everywhere.
Evictions, though rarely covered (you need a Kardashian in your home as
you're being evicted to qualify for news coverage) are not a new story (see
this scene <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l42YZI2ZbU0>  I filmed in 1988).
Also, please remember the words of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Toledo (in
'Capitalism: A Love Story'): Do not leave your homes if the bank forecloses
on you! Let them take you to court and then YOU ask the judge to make them
produce a copy of your mortgage. They can't. It was chopped up a hundred
different ways, bundled with a hundred other mortgages, and sold off to the
Chinese. If they can't produce the mortgage, they can't evict you. 

2. Occupy Your College. In nearly every other democracy on the planet,
students go to college for free or almost free. Why do those countries do
that? Because they know that for their society to advance, they must have an
educated population. Without that, productivity, innovation and an informed
electorate is stunted and everyone suffers as a result. Here's how we do it
in the U.S.A.: make education one of our lowest priorities, graduate
students who know little about the world or their own government or the
economy, and then force them into crushing debt before they even have their
first job. That way has really worked well for us, hasn't it? It's made us
the world leader in . in . well, ok, we're like 27th or 34th in everything
now (except war). This has to end. Students should spend this winter doing
what they are already doing on dozens of campuses -- holding sit-ins,
occupying the student loan office, nonviolently disrupting the university
regents meetings, and pitching their tents on the administration's lawn.
Young people -- we, the '60s generation, promised to create a better world
for you. We got halfway there -- now you have to complete the job. Do not
stop until these wars are ended, the Pentagon budget is cut in half, and the
rich are forced to pay their taxes. And demand that that money go to your
education. We'll be there with you on all of this! And when we get this
fixed and you graduate, instead of being $40,000 in debt, go see the
friggin' world, or tinker around in your garage a la the two Steves, or
start a band. Enjoy life, discover, explore, experiment, find your way.
Anything but the assistant manager at Taco Bell. 

3. Occupy Your Job. Let's spend the winter organizing workplaces into
unions. OR, if you already have a union, demand that your leaders get off
their ass and get aggressive like our grandparents did. For chrissakes,
surely you know we would not have a middle class if it weren't for the
strikes of the 1930s-1950s?! In three weeks we will celebrate the 75th
anniversary of the workers in my hometown of Flint, Michigan taking over and
occupying the General Motors factories for 44 days in the dead of winter.
Their actions ignited a labor movement that lifted tens of millions out of
poverty and into the middle class. It's time to do it again. (According to
the Census Bureau and the New York Times, 100 million Americans either live
in or near poverty. Disgraceful. Greed has destroyed the core fabric of our
communities. Enough!) Here are two good unions to get your fellow workers to
sign up and join: UE <http://www.ueunion.org>  and SEIU
<http://www.seiu.org> . The CWA <http://www.cwa-union.org>  are also good.
Here's how to get a quick primer <http://www.ueunion.org/org_steps.html>  in
organizing your place of employment (don't forget to be careful while you do
this!). If your company is threatening to close down and move the jobs
elsewhere, then it's time to occupy the workplace (again, you can get a
lesson in how to successfully occupy your factory from my movie
<http://vimeo.com/33260810> ). 

4. Occupy Your Bank. This is an easy one. Just leave them. Move your
checking and your credit card to a nonprofit credit union
<http://www.ncua.gov/DataApps/ResearchCU/Pages/default.aspx> . It's safe and
the decisions made there aren't based on greed. And if a bank tries to evict
your neighbor, Occupy the local branch with 20 other people and call the
press. Post it on the internet. 

5. Occupy the Insurance Man. It's time to not only stand up for the 50
million without health insurance but to also issue a single, simple demand:
The elimination of for-profit, privately-controlled health insurance
companies. It is nothing short of barbaric to allow businesses to make a
profit off people when they get sick. We don't allow anyone to make a profit
when we need the fire department or the police. Until recently we would
never allow a company to make a profit by operating in a public school. The
same should be true for when you need to see a doctor or stay in the
hospital. So I say it's long overdue for us to go and Occupy Humana, United
Health, Cigna and even the supposed "nonprofit" Blue Crosses. An action on
their lawns, in their lobbies, or at the for-profit hospitals -- this is
what is needed. 

So -- there are my ideas for the five places we can Occupy this winter. Help
the foreclosed-upon to Occupy their homes. Occupy your college campus,
especially the student loan office and the regents meetings. Occupy your job
by getting everyone to sign a union card -- or by refusing to let the CEO
ship your job overseas. Occupy your Chase or Citi or Bank of America branch
by closing your account and moving it to a credit union. And Occupy the
insurance company offices, the pharmaceutical companies' headquarters and
the for-profit hospitals until the White House and Congress pass the true
single-payer universal health care bill they failed to pass in 2010. 

My friends, the rich are running scared right now. You need no further proof
of this than to read this story from last week
l-street-133707949.html> . The Republicans' top strategist met privately
with them and told them that they had better change their tune or they were
going to be crushed by the Occupy Wall Street movement. They didn't have to
change their greedy actions, he assured them -- just the way they talk and
PR the situation. He told them never to use the word "capitalism" -- it has
now been made a dirty word by the Occupy movement, he said. Only say
"economic freedom" from now on, he cautioned. And don't criticize the
movement -- because the majority of Americans either agree with it or are
feeling the same way. Just tell the Occupiers and the distressed Americans:
"I get it." Seriously. 

Yes, in just 12 short weeks we have killed their most sacred word --
Capitalism -- and we have them on the run, on the defensive. They should be.
Millions are coming after them and our only goal is to remove them from
power and replace them with a fair system that is controlled by the 99%. The
1% have been able to get both political parties to do their bidding. Why
should only 1% of the population get to have two parties -- and the rest of
us have none? That, too, is going to change. In my next letter, I will
suggest what we can do to Occupy the Electoral Process. But first we must
start with those who pull the strings of the puppets in the Congress. That's
why it's called Occupy Wall Street. Always better to deal with man in
charge, don't you think? 

Let's Occupy the Winter! An #OWS Winter will certainly lead to a very
hopeful American Spring. 


Michael Moore
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