[Sayma-Discuss] FW: An Appreciation and Holiday Greeting from AFSC's General Secretary, Shan Cretin

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Thu Dec 22 10:00:34 PST 2011


Dear Friends,

Over and over this year, our spirits have been buoyed by reports of AFSC's
small and large victories from West Virginia to Zimbabwe, from Gaza to New
Jersey, from Arizona to Indonesia.  We know that this work could not be
accomplished without your selfless service as volunteers.  Thank you for
your unwavering commitment to bringing peace, justice, and healing to our
troubled world.

Recent events have been a powerful reminder of the importance of AFSC's
continued witness. Those of us who worked so hard to prevent the invasion of
Iraq can only be pained to see how little our country has learned.  Once
again, when we finally withdraw from a sinfully misguided war, we are unable
to acknowledge the deep scars inflicted on the country we invaded or on the
bodies and spirits of the young people we so cavalierly sent to battle. Once
again, we have neglected pressing social and human needs at home and abroad
while squandering staggering sums to wage war.  

Yet there is hope. There is growing acceptance worldwide of the values and
methods that have been at the heart of AFSC's work for more than 90 years.
The Arab Spring and the awakening Occupy movements have embraced the power
of nonviolent action to address the injustices that are the true sources of
war and violence. We have been blessed to accompany some of these movements,
watching them grow and mature.

Like Vaclav Havel, I am convinced that truth and love will prevail over lies
and hatred. I am honored to serve with all of you who daily work to harness
the power of truth and love to build a just peace for all.  Thank you all
for your patient work, paid and volunteer, direct and indirect, in the cause
of peace.

Wishing you and your families joyful holidays and a happy New Year!

Yours in peace and service,


Shan Cretin

General Secretary

American Friends Service Committee

1501 Cherry St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102





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