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With a nod to Kathy Johnson for this idea:

Many of you may not see any messages from QEW so thought I'd forward this.    
Happy Christmas and New Year Greetings to you all,
Roy Taylor

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> From: "Anne Mitchell" <anne at quakerearthcare.org>
> Subject: Quaker Earthcare Witness Appeal
> Date: December 22, 2011 2:26:00 PM EST
> To: Roy Taylor <wrldpeas at mindspring.com>
> Reply-To: "Anne Mitchell" <anne at quakerearthcare.org>
> Dear Roy Taylor:
> In November we wrote and emailed our supporters to ask you to help us meet our fundraising goal of $25,000 before the end of December. Many people responded. Together we have raised nearly $19,000.
> We still need to raise $6000 before December 31 to meet our goal. Will you help us? (If you have recently responded with a gift and we have not yet received it, please accept our thanks.)
> You can donate to QEW here.
> You can check out our annual report and see what QEW was able to accomplish last year with your support. This includes outreach to Quaker and other groups; QEW's wonderful annual meeting in Chicago with a focus on food and biodiversity; participation in UN gatherings and improving our internet presence.
> Will you make us a gift today so that we can reach our goal by December 31?
> We have big plans for 2012: continue with the theme of food and biodiversity; celebrate our 25th anniversary; work with Pendle Hill on a gathering for Young Adult Friends in June; have a presence at the FGC gathering in July; and organize two face to face QEW gatherings - one in June and one in October. We look forward to being in touch with you in 2012.
> Please make a donation to us today to help us meet our goal of $25,000 before December 31 - we just need $6,000!
> Anne Mitchell
> General Secretary
> P.S. if you know of others who you think might like to support our work, please forward this mailing to friends or colleagues by clicking here
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> Quaker Earthcare Witness
> 173-B N. Prospect St.
> Burlington, VT 05401-1607
> United States

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