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It have been wonderful if GA or AL could have also had a headline like this.   I heard that TN did prevent their Anti Immigrant (well anti undocumented Immigrant) bill from passing as did NC.   Is SC having to deal with this concern?  How about Kentucky and West Va?   


This article tells how they managed to stop the bill.   Part of the story is that there was already a large, politically active Latino community and their supporters in place inside the government as well as outside it.    Perhaps that shows us part of what we have to do in SAYMA states.     Maybe if we elect more Latinos to state and federal offices that will change the tone of the dialogue? 




Free Polazzo

Atlanta Meeting


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For your information---feel free to share.


VICTORY! Florida Anti-Immigrant Bills Are Dead

by Gabriela Garcia <http://news.change.org/authors/gabriela-garcia-2>   May 07, 2011 

http://change-production.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/wordpress_copies/immigration/2011/05/5692063564_e391cb637b-250x187.jpgThe Florida legislature’s session just wrapped up, and the House did not take up <http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/05/06/2205138/immigration-bill-dies-in-florida.html>  the controversial anti-immigrant bill, SB 2040, which passed the Senate <http://news.change.org/stories/florida-senate-passes-arizona-style-immigration-bill-with-no-debate>  earlier this week and sparked creative protests. With just a few hours left of the session, and disagreement between the Senate and House, there was little chance the bill would have enough votes to pass. In the end, it was never brought up for a vote, thanks to the tremendous organizing of immigrant advocates and all those who took action this month.

Now, immigrant rights advocates, business leaders, religious groups, and families all over the sunshine state were celebrating. The past weeks saw an outpouring of action, with buses of protesters reaching the state’s capital each day. Farm workers prayed on their knees on the capitol floor, children colored in the offices of legislators and spoke on behalf of their parents, and students risked arrest to walk into the senate chambers <https://news.change.org/stories/undocumented-youth-march-into-florida-senate-chamber-to-recite-pledge-of-allegiance>  and demand their voices be heard.

Through it all, neighborhood restaurants donated food, churches opened their doors to protesters, and youth from all over the country came to support their peers. Hundreds of Change.org members <https://www.change.org/petitions/sign-the-petition-asking-for-real-solutions-in-florida-not-more-immigrant-bashing>  signed a petition by the Florida Immigrant Coalition <http://wearefl.com/>  calling for “real solutions in Florida, not more immigrant bashing.”

The past two days, a vigil was held in front of Republican State Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera’s office in Miami. Immigrant advocates camped out and held their ground, withstanding heat, pouring rain, and angry commuters, waiting for the outcome of the legislative session and thanking Rep. Lopez-Cantera for choosing to stand up against the bills.

It is worth noting that on-the-ground activism, petitions, and calls placed enormous pressure on the House and Senate and are largely credited <http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0511/Hispanic_pressure_helped_weaken_immigration_bill.html>  with dooming the bills. The pressure led the Senate bill’s own sponsor, Republican State Senator Anitere Flores, to vote against it. The second person placed in charge of the bill, Republican Senator JD Alexander, also voted against it. And the Hispanic Caucus came out against the bill, with all three senate members, who are Republicans, voting against SB 2040.

South Florida immigrant rights supporters are gathering in the same spot in front of Rep. Lopez-Cantera’s office where immigrant advocates camped for days. But now, it is the site of a momentous celebration.

Photo Credit: We Are FL

 <http://news.change.org/authors/gabriela-garcia-2> http://change-production.s3.amazonaws.com/photos/9/px/hk/zMPXHkTTBdNHdFK-50x50-cropped.jpg?1277707399Gabriela Garcia <http://news.change.org/authors/gabriela-garcia-2>  is a freelance writer who has written for Latina, the Miami New Times, National Geographic Traveler blog, and Matador Network blogs, amongst other publications. 


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