[Sayma-Discuss] Is Loving your neigbor the answer?

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Thanks Roy for reminding us  of that very well known teaching by Rabbi
Jesus.   It's a good one to repeat in the Bible Belt we mostly live in.  


The problem with Jesus' most worthy admonition to love one's neighbor is
that one must first  "love one's self" before one can truly love one's
neighbor (or God).  One reason that I see Friends Meetings being so
essential to peace with justice is that even  a wounded and angry soul like
me  was able to learn to love my "self" when the meeting decided I was
"worthy".    I was  given the love needed to help jump start one my own love
of self .  


Yes, we learn,  experientially,  that if there is that of God in Every
Person means that there must be that of God in me, too!   The trick is to
treat all who show up as "worthy" and perhaps we Friends need to be better
at practicing what we preach before we go around telling others what they
need to be doing.     Far too many folks come and leave without getting the
chance to experience what we have to offer.     


I see the response to Quaker Quest by our Monthly Meetings and the progress
made toward establishment as in SAYMA of a standing committee no outreach as
steps in the path to Friends opening up our somewhat insulated Society of
Friends to the wider community, whom are literally dying to experience what
we have.    The next step is for as many of us as possible to be visible in
the world we live in during the non Meeting time the rest of the week so
that we can influence the processes used to make decisions by so many groups
who unknowingly are turning their backs on their neighbor.




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Like so many problems this is a spiritual one.


Many religious traditions have some form of the golden rule.  Jesus spoke to
a greatest commandment and the next one is to love your neighbor as one's


These are our neighbors.  They come to us seeking a better life.  For those
of us who try to live within a spiritual tradition, living our testimonies,
how we act follows that of equality, integrity and community.


WE can encourage our fellow citizens, many of whom profess a religious
connection, to act with their hearts and not with their minds and perceived
pocketbooks (the source of their fear).






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