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Great to read about the workshop in Nashville that FCNL is leading as a way to motivate Friends  (and their friends) to learn about how to communicate with their elected Member of Congress.   Great work.     I’ve one request for the group.  Can you try to include the many elections for local and State political office in the discussion?   


There are probably more decisions that affect Friends  at the state, county, city, school board levels.    Governor, State legislators, State Senators,  County Commissioners, Mayors, Judges, School Boards, Tax Commissioners, Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Coroners,. . . and then all those bonds and issue votes.     Remember to vote in “off” years, too  and to encourage others to vote, as well.       


Surely, the best way to communicate with your elected official is to run and win!    Then next best way to communicate with your elected officials is after you helped to elect them!    I’ve helped to elect 2 county commissioners and one  member of the local board of education  and I did it by working to elect them.      It’s a great way to meet others in your community who care about what happens to it and also to let people know that there are Quakers in town.    


I’m not just here to advocate for only one political party, either.    Pick ANY political party and get involved.  It doesn’t matter to me (or the Spirit) which you choose.    My goal is to have all the parties  present  such wonderful candidates running for all the offices out there  that it wouldn’t matter who won.    Friends need to support any party they wish but Friends have to stop “watching the game” and get onto the floor and begin to play in order to score points or even help others to score.   It is then that we can have the voice we so badly want to have in the rule making process we seem to want to control but not roll up our collective sleeves and work for.      


Remember the Community Testimony is one of our core values and where better to serve your community than in the political arena?   I know of one other SAYMA Friend who is also actively working on local and State politics.    Maybe you could be the third?      


-- Free


Free Polazzo, Process Evangalist 

Douglas County (GA) Democratic Party

GA State Party Representative (Dist. 13)

Douglas County Committee Member, District  3

freepolazzo at comcast.net

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Dear SAYMA Friends,


I would love you all to come to Nashville on July 10 for an amazing workshop!  It's from 2-5, so those Friends in driving distance (knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Memphis) might want to make a day trip of it.  Lodging is available either Saturday or Sunday night for Friends who RSVP by July 5.


Jim Cason, Earlham grad and FCNL associate executive secretary, is leading the workshop.  He has 30 years experience at this work (including as one of the key organizers that helped bring down Apartheid in South Africa!).


- Christina VanRegenmorter


July 10 2-5pm -- How to Change DC Workshop!

Facilitator: Jim Cason, Associate Executive Secretary, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Washington, DC

Sponsored by: Nashville Friends Meeting


This fun workshop (appropriate for age 10 and up) is for EVERYONE who wants to learn how they can be the most effective citizens possible in promoting Quaker values (peace, simplicity, integrity, equality).  There will be SNACKS.


The interactive workshop will include:

* the nuts and bolts of making a difference in DC

        -- building a relationship with your MOC (Member of Congress)

        -- making your phone calls & letters count

        -- having productive, relaxed, and fun visits with your MOC

        -- how to engage with MOC staff people!

* Information about 3 key issues that WE can make a difference on right now

* Role plays (games!)

* Fabulous tools you can take home & use for years to come


Questions?  Want to join Jim Cason & Christina and others for lunch before the training?  Call or text Christina VanRegenmorter at 615-934-4589.


No RSVPs are necessary unless you want to join for lunch or dinner. All are welcome & please invite non-Quaker friends. :)


More about Jim Cason!

Jim is responsible for directing the full range of FCNL’s strategic campaigns work. In this capacity, he works with program staff to develop long term change strategies that accomplish our particular legislative goals. His diverse porfolio also includes coordinating the communications, development and grassroots lobbying work of the organization to achieve the goals set by our general committee.

Among his activities, Jim has organized public events with members of Congress, led efforts to reach out beyond our existing base to draw new constituencies into FCNL's lobbying work and nurtured focused, strategic grassroots lobbying in key states and Congressional districts.

Jim comes to FCNL after more than 30 years working for social change as an activist, journalist, non-profit leader, and lobbyist. For eight years, Jim was the U.S. correspondent in Washington, DC for La Jornada, Mexico’s second largest daily circulation newspaper. Jim also worked as a Senior Editor for AllAfrica.com, the largest distributor of news and information about Africa in the world, a leader in providing web-based international news.

Previously, Jim was a Research and Writing Fellow for the MacArthur Foundation, examining the role of U.S. development assistance in southern Africa, and he did several stints as a consultant to the United Nations researching the role of U.S. corporations in southern Africa. He has worked as a journalists, editor, and non-profit financial consultant.

In the 1980s, Jim served as Associate Director of the Africa Fund, developing anti-apartheid campaign materials, communications strategies, and framing issues for the organization. Among other tasks, Jim helped organize lobbying to pass the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 and work with the creative artists behind the Sun City project and Filmmakers United Against Apartheid. He was the Africa Fund staff responsible for supervision of a weekly television program broadcast on more than 60 PBS stations and directed the development and implementation of communications strategies behind campaigns such as Unlock Apartheid’s Jails and the One Person, One Vote Campaign.

He has served on the board of several national Africa organizations and worked as an adviser to a number of specific campaigns.

He is a graduate of Earlham College.


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