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There are two different issues, just my two cents.  One, if we get our act 
together, radical cultural change as maybe would be in line with what you 
advocate.  Two, societal adjustment after the Fall.  This second contemplation 
is the greater. 

Would countries like India be better positioned to survive?  This country will 
suffer in urban centers with so much infrastructure, but the remainder already 
suffers.  I say this, provided the India-Pakistan dichotomy doesn't lead to a 
nuclear winter.

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I just posted on ecospirit.blogspot.com: "Four More Years."  See also "Hedging 
the Revolution in an Election Year" (scroll down).  Both speak of the revolution 
we need, whether you're a hedger or a person of principle. And let me hear from 

Bob McGahey, Celo
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