[Sayma-Discuss] The opportunity to sway Pres. Obama towards a Lincoln moment on climate change

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Dear SAYMA Friends,

Quaker Earthcare Witness is working with FCNL trying to get President Obama to hold a  National Climate Change Summit. We are looking for leaders in our organizations to sign the petition showing support for this idea. As individual meetings and to those meetings with green / sustainability committees If we could get the clerks to sign this petition it would show that level of support. Please read the letter below from Jose Aguto, FCNL's Legislative Secretary in on Sustainable Energy and Environment.

Roy Taylor

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> Dear QEW Friends:
> As I mentioned earlier, the Climate Summit 2013 coalition, of which FCNL is a charter member, is dialoguing with White House staff about the possibility of the President hosting a national summit on climate change.  The White House is considering how to move forward with Pres. Obama’s post-election desire to “start a conversation” on climate change.   The coalition’s dialogue with White House staff is continuing – including a discussion today,  The White House may be making a decision to hold a summit imminently, and so we seek your support. 
> The White House wants us to show them how much support is coming primarily from non-environmental climate advocacy sectors like faith, diversity, business, labor, state, tribal and local governments.   This demonstration of support may determine whether the president decides to host a summit, and if so, the intensity of his commitment.
> We think this could be a pivotal moment in history – when Pres. Obama announces at the start of his last term, his commitment to national and international leadership on climate disruption – but only if the American people urge him to do so.   The White House is asking us to show this level of support right now, and we hope you will join us.     
> Please consider having the leaders of the organizations sign the petition at https://sites.google.com/site/nationalsummitletter.  If you cannot make that commitment just now, could you indicate whether you intend to seek that endorsement?    Can you please share this with your colleagues?  Through this, we might witness the beginning of the political leadership the world desperately needs to address the greatest challenge humanity faces. 
> Thank you for your consideration.
>  Jose
> Jose Aguto
> Legislative Secretary
> Sustainable Energy and Environment
> Friends Committee on National Legislation
> 245 Second St., NE
> Washington, DC  20002
> 202-903-2527 (w)
> 202-553-7202 (c)
> www.fcnl.org
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