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As President Barack Obama prepared a visit and churches opened their
doors to comfort a grieving town Sunday, federal agents fanned out to
dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across Connecticut, chasing
leads they hoped would cast light on Lanza's life. Wise people shed
the Light (LOVE) on their children when they are young, which in
effect darkness can't overcome, later on. That's why God came as Jesus
to show us how to become the Truth, along with this one doesn't want to
blow our fellowman's along with mommy and daddy's head off. If we who
profess to know the Truth don't get back to the basic's of the Truth,
this county will go over a spiritual cliff only to be remember in
history book's. With the epithet " Professing themselves wise they
became fools and worshiped the creature more than the Creator". God
did not come to organize religion, He came to have a personal
relationship with each of us and to lead us into Victory. For His
Blessings, in His Service

Frank Chapman

Frank Chapman

Craft Coordinator & Labor Relations
Corporate Safety Manager



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