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Great news about a business taking a public stand on a concern Friends in
SAYMA reached agreement decades ago.  

Perhaps we can become more public about what our Faith and Practice says
about same sex marriage within the SAYMA geographic area and to do the work
necessary to change region's restrictive state marriage laws?    As we do
more outreach, it is important to be clear about how we practice our faith
and not just live on the accomplishments of those who preceded us.    This
may take a long time, but Friends understand that change takes time and who
better than the Religious Society of Friends to help with the process of
including all in laws that benefit those who are legally married?



Google Announces Worldwide Campaign to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

By Judd Legum

Google has announced an ambitious effort to legalize same-sex marriage
across the globe. The project, called "Legalize Love," was announced earlier
today at an event in London focusing on LGBT issues in the workplace.

Dot429.com has
ve> the details:

The "Legalize Love" campaign officially launches in Poland and Singapore on
Saturday, July 7th. Google intends to eventually expand the initiative to
every country where the company has an office, and will focus on places with
homophobic cultures, where anti-gay laws exist.

Google's Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe outlined the initiative at a Global LGBT
Workplace Summit in London earlier today. "We want our employees who are gay
or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside the office as
they do in the office. It is obviously a very ambitious piece of work.
Their strategy involves developing partnerships between companies and
organizations to support grass-roots campaigns.

The project will initially focus on Poland and Singapore before expanding to
other countries. Palmer-Edgecumbe explained that Google will impress on
these countries that "being a global center and a world leader means you
have to treat all people the same, irrespective of their sexual

The initiative was immediately praised by representatives from
ve> Citi and
ze-love%E2%80%99-gays060712> Ernst & Young.

This article was published at Nation of Change at:
ame-sex-marriage-1341756676. All rights are reserved




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