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thanks Stece!

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Dear Friends,

Most of us "experienced" SAYMA attenders know, without being reminded, that the 
weather at SAYMA is generally somewhere between pleasantly warm and somewhat 
chilly - seldom really hot.

This year will be a little different. It will hardly be warm at all.

The forecast for Asheville for the coming weekend calls for high temperatures in 
the upper 70s, perhaps reaching 80 on Sunday, but that will not occur until 
later in the afternoon, by which time SAYMA will be over and we are all on our 
way home. Bear in mind as well that the temps at Warren Wilson are consistently 
a few degrees lower than in Asheville. At night, the forecast calls for 
temperatures to drop to the low to mid 50s. That's where it will be when we go 
to breakfast each morning.

Plan accordingly, f/Friends! I look forward to seeing everyone!


-- Steve Livingston
96 Pearson Dr.
Asheville, NC 28801

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