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For all of you heading for the FGC Gathering in RI.

Please stop by the Earthcare Center to see the following presentations:

Roy Taylor
SAYMA YM representative to QEW

                         QUAKER EARTHCARE WITNESS



                Discussions, videos, and activities –  intergenerational

Monday, July 2

3:15-4:15 Welcome to the Earthcare Center

Learn about what is available in the center and what is planned for the week; meet QEW clerk, Shelley Tanenbaum, QEW Publications Coordinator, Louis Cox and QEW volunteers; learn about QEW’s mandate, mission and programs.   


4:30-5:30    The spiritual basis of our Earthcare concern.  Meet eric joy, QEW Steering Committee member who will talk about his travels among Quakers, the spiritual basis of our concern and his visits with the Occupy Movement.


Tuesday, July 3

1:30-3.00    Transition 2.0--A video -  takes the viewer through an emotional journey that effectively charts the evolution of the movement from its humble origins in Kinsale, Ireland, to an international movement that now attracts the attention of politicians and world leaders.


3:15-4:15  Transition Towns, Quakers and the Future with Carol Barta,  Steve Chase and Ruah Swennerfelt.  Learn how you can become involved in a vibrant, exciting, and positive approach to creating resilient communities in the face of diminishing fossil fuel supplies, climate disruption, and economic contraction.


4:30-5:30  Continued brainstorming and discussion on Transition Towns, Quakers and the Future.


Wednesday, July 4

☼  In keeping with the FGC day of rest, we will offer a relaxing time at the Center.   Come read, reflect, relax, watch some videos on sustainability themes, including We Still Live Here, on spiritual support for the Mashpee Wanpanoag, and Urgent Peace on the effects of war and preparation for war on the environment; and enjoy locavore snacks.


Thursday, July 5*

1:30-3.00     An Introduction to The Awakening The Dreamer Symposium with Steve Chase: experience a sampler of video clips and activities to help Friends and others learn what is possible at this moment in history, and what our unique roles might be in creating a future that is spiritually fulfilling, socially justice, and environmentally sustainable.


3.15-4.15    EQAT – Earth Quaker Action Team – with Walter Hjelt Sullivan and Ingrid Lakey.  

Hear about their 17-day 200-mile walk from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and other nonviolent direct actions.


4:30-5:30  Continuing Rev_l_tion for Young Adult Friends–Participants from the conference held June 15-18 report back, sharing photos and stories of the experience.


Friday, July 6*

1:30-3:00    David White of Synapse Energy Economics will talk about our energy past and possible energy futures without coal and nuclear as well as the cost of new nuclear plants in the US based on several recent studies.


3:15-4:15     Called to Beloved Community with the Commonwealth of Life.  Help discover a Spirit-led response with Judy Goldberger, Mary Hopkins, Lisa Greber and Viv Hawkins.


4:30-5:30     Quaker Institute for the Future with Keith Helmuth.  Hear about QIF’s latest publication It’s the Economy, Friend:  Understanding the Growth Dilemma, co-authored by Ed Dreby, Keith Helmuth and Judy Lumb, collaborative project with the Growth Dilemma Project of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.


*Jim Rose will lead a tree walk Thursday and/or Friday, 1:30-3:00. Sign up early in the week (space is limited)


Early Morning Worship each day – outdoors weather permitting - will be convened by QEW supporters,

Gail and John Fletcher and Louis Cox and Ruah Swennerfelt.


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