[Sayma-Discuss] Police hassle children living on the streets

Geeta Jyothi McGahey mcgahey at yancey.main.nc.us
Tue Mar 27 14:42:43 JEST 2012

Hi Friends,
Another post about people rising above challenges.  Because we can, we go in
our gas hungry cars rather than cramped public transportation (cramped 14
person vans with luggage on the lap. We have the public transport that we will
use - comfortable.  We and our children are so lucky.  Here a case of getting
into trouble because you are a child living on the streets. 
http://changeinsights.wordpress.com/   Boys Living on the Streets

I have almost a month more in Kenya. In addition to continuing to volunteer at
Kaimosi Quaker Hospital, I will attend the FUM women's triennial, including
Easter, go to a Kenyan Quaker, and worship at two additional Quaker churches.
The spirit is alive among Friends and you will read more in the next 3-5 posts
In Friendship,
Geeta Jyothi

Geeta Jyothi McGahey,MD
300 Dharma Way
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