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Thu Mar 29 15:40:29 JEST 2012

my view:

to "witness" for peace or whatever, is the same thing as "testify" in a
biblical sense.  or "witness" in a courtroom sense -- a witness
testifies to the truth of some matter.

in the New Testament the Greek word-family for both "witness" and
"testify" is the root-word for our English word "martyr" -- the early
"martyrs" were those who testified, and many ended up suffering for it.

e.g. John 1:7 says John "came as a witness (martyrian) to testify
(martyrese) to the light, so that all might believe..."

Susan Jeffers

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> In the context of Friends,
> What does it mean to you to "witness"?
> When you witness for peace, what are you doing?
> When I tell you that I "witness for earth care", what do you think that I am doing?
> Roy Taylor
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