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Wed May 2 22:32:00 EDT 2012

Thanks Charles, 

Say hello to Steve Jubilirer  for me when you get a chance.  I am thinking about the AFSC position.

Jere Licciardello

> From: Charles Schade <c.vmbra at frontier.com>
>To: sayma-announce at kitenet.net 
>Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 8:06 PM
>Subject: [Sayma-Announce] Call for AFSC Board or Committee Service!
>The memo below is an invitation to express 
interest in volunteer service in the various committees of the American 
Friends Service Committee (AFSC).  If interested, please consider 
sending in the attached form by May 30.  Or, if you know of someone who 
might be suitable please encourage him or her to submit a form.  I've 
attached a brief synopsis of the various Board and regional committees.  
I'd be happy to share what I know of them with interested 
>Charles Schade
>Charleston, WV
> From: Sheena Hendon [mailto:SHendon at afsc.org] 
>Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 4:17 PM
>To: Sheena 
>Subject: Call for AFSC Board or Committee Service! 
>Importance: High
>TO:                       TheWider AFSC Community
>FROM:                  Jane Krause, clerk and Kristy Updegraff, assistant clerk, Standing 
Nominating Committee (SNC)
>DATE:                   April 
30, 2012
 Call for AFSC Board or Committee 
>ATTACHED:         2012 Committee Interest Form - Please submit by May 30, 2012*
>At its June 2012 meeting, the AFSC Standing Nominating 
Committee will begin the process of selecting the names of Friends to recommend 
to the AFSC Corporation as nominees for the Corporation, Board of Directors and 
Board Standing Committees.  These names will be presented for approval at 
the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Corporation – March, 2013.  The enclosed 
form will allow you to indicate if you would be of service to the AFSC.  
>Those of you who attended the Annual Meeting of the 
Corporation this past March may have already completed this form. We ask now 
that you help by sharing it with F/friends whom you think may be of service to 
AFSC.  We are grateful for every effort you make to distribute this form in 
a manner that considers the AFSC’s commitment to Affirmative Action goals, and 
broad geographic and Yearly Meeting representation.  Let us know if you 
encounter difficulties or need help.  
>*While the Standing 
Nominating Committee will continue to accept your interest forms year round, 
those to be considered at its June meeting should be received no later than Wednesday, May 30. Please email or mail all forms to: 
>AFSC Standing 
Nominating Committee 
>c/o Sheena Hendon
>1501 Cherry St
>Philadelphia, PA 
>SHendon at afsc.org
>If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: 
>Jane Krause, clerk:  jkbigdog at ca.rr.com or Kristy 
Updegraff, assistant clerk: kristyup at pacbell.net.
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