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A new concept to me is the idea of listening in tongues.  Evangelicals that I grew up with would speak of those who were so filled with the spirit would speak in tongues, speaking in a language that none around them would understand what they were saying. When Friends attempt to hear / see that of God in the people that they meet they may need to learn how to listen in tongues to understand where the other person is coming from. 

The issue has come up around how some of us Friends speak about Earthcare issues. We are often speaking a language without being understood, especially when we speak with Evangelical Quakers. If we all learned to listen in tongues we might learn how to be closer to those around us.


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> Joe,
> Why can’t the evangelicals who talk to God also not listen to God?    Around here they are pretty sure that God is talking to them so they must be listening, too.  
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> After listening comes reflection . . .  then possibly action.
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> You write that evangelicals talk to God. As a Quaker, I have found that walking the spiritual path allows me to listen to God in silence. Talking promotes a focus on the self while listening quiets the self and opens one to God's presence.
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