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Dear Friends,

Here is one of a number of documents the has come out of the Salt and Light Conference held in Kenya in April. I think that this is  a very important message to all of us. Many of us might use slightly different language to express these ideas but the core of it remains the same. 

How can we, as a Yearly Meeting, respond to this call for Peace and Ecojustice?

Roy Taylor 

The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice

The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice was approved on 24 April 2012 at the
Sixth World Conference Friends, held at Kabarak University near Nakuru, Kenya. It
is the culmination of the FWCC World Consultation on Global Change which was held
in 2010 and 2011. It is being circulated with the Conference Epistle.

In past times God’s Creation restored itself. Now humanity dominates, our growing population
consuming more resources than nature can replace. We must change, we must become careful
stewards of all life. Earthcare unites traditional Quaker testimonies: peace, equality, simplicity,
love, integrity, and justice. Jesus said, “As you have done unto the least… you have done unto me”.
We are called to work for the peaceable Kingdom of God on the whole earth, in right sharing with all
peoples. However few our numbers, we are called to be the salt that flavours and preserves, to
be a light in the darkness of greed and destruction.

We have heard of the disappearing snows of Kilimanjaro and glaciers of Bolivia, from which come
life-giving waters. We have heard appeals from peoples of the Arctic, Asia and Pacific. We have
heard of forests cut down, seasons disrupted, wildlife dying, of land hunger in Africa, of new
diseases, droughts, floods, fires, famine and desperate migrations – this climatic chaos is now
worsening. There are wars and rumors of war, job loss, inequality and violence. We fear our
neighbors. We waste our children's heritage

All of these are driven by our dominant economic systems – by greed not need, by worship of
the market, by Mammon and Caesar.

Is this how Jesus showed us to live?
v We are called to see what love can do: to love our neighbor as ourselves, to aid the widow
and orphan, to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, to appeal to consciences and
bind the wounds.
v We are called to teach our children right relationship, to live in harmony with each other and
all living beings in the earth, waters and sky of our Creator, who asks, “Where were your when
I laid the foundations of the world?” (Job 38:4)
v We are called to do justice to all and walk humbly with our God, to cooperate lovingly with all
who share our hopes for the future of the earth.
v We are called to be patterns and examples in a 21st century campaign for peace and
ecojustice, as difficult and decisive as the 18th and 19th century drive to abolish slavery.

We dedicate ourselves to let the living waters flow through us – where we live, regionally,
and in wider world fellowship. We dedicate ourselves to building the peace that passeth all
understanding, to the repair of the world, opening our lives to the Light to guide us in each small step.

Bwana asifiwe. A pu Dios Awqui. Gracias Jesús. Jubilé. Salaam aleikum. Migwetch.
Tikkun olam. Alleluia!
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