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I hope SAYMA has a better experience with Lulu than I did. They bounce clients 
around from one editor and promotion to another. See lulucomplaints Perry

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Tomorrow, May 25 only!  Lulu.com is offering free mail shipping on individual 

I've found they ship very quickly with standard mail shipping.


Liz Perch SAYMA Administrative Assistant  P.O. Box 5848 Savannah, GA 31404 
(865)272 9621 adminasst at sayma.org
On 5/22/12 9:59 PM, Free Polazzo wrote: 
>Dear             SAYMA Friends, 
>The             Committee to Revise the Guide to our Faith and Practice              
>(Alan Robinson, Edie Patrick,  Barbara Esther, Missy Ivey,             Tim Lamm 
>(x office) and I) and Ad Hoc Guide Publishing             Committee  (Alan 
>Robinson, Hank Fay, Liz Perch, Tim Lamm (ex             officio) and I) and  are 
>happy to announce that way has             opened to proceed with the 
>publication of SAYMA’s Guide to             our Faith and Practice (Guide).     
>The             Ad Hoc SAYMA Guide Publishing Committee, established at the             
>Fall 2011 Representative’s Meeting, has chosen Lulu.com as             the 
>publisher of our YM’s 80 page Guide.   This will allow             anyone to 
>order a copy on line and have it shipped to the             address of their 
>choice without needing to order thru the             Administrative Assistant’s 
>office.   It also means that we             don’t need to put a lot of money 
>into book inventory.               Using Lulu.com will make it much easier to 
>make future             changes to the Guide, like the still to being revised             
>Queries Section, whenever changes are approved by a Yearly             Meeting 
>business session.       
>Each             Monthly Meeting and Worship Group that has already placed an             
>order with Liz, SAYMA’s Administrative Assistant and are             being asked 
>to pick up their books  when they register on             their arrival  at 
>YM.   If you have not yet paid for your             order, be sure and bring 
>payment as all orders must be paid             in full before they can be taken 
>home.   There will also be              copies of the Guide available at the 
>SAYMA YM  bookstore at             the same $ 7.00 a copy the Monthly Meetings 
>and Worship             Groups were charged.     
>If             you are not attending YM or have not ordered a Guide thru             
>your local meeting or worship group, you can buy the Guide             at the 
>Lulu site for  $7.00 plus shipping and handling.   To             Order go to: 
>What             about the Queries Section which has not been reviewed so             
>far?   The Committee to review the Guide to our Faith and             Practice 
>has agreed to continue until it completes the             revision of the 
>Queries section of the Guide.   At least 2             new members will need to 
>join for us to achieve the minimum             size needed (5) to constitute a 
>valid revision committee.                If you feel led to be part of this 
>work, please contact             anyone on the Nominating Committee or myself.  
>You can be             sure that the time and energy spent will result in a             
>wonderful return on your investment.       
>Thank             you to all who have served on the various committee revision             
>committees during this more than 11 years we worked and             prayed our 
>way to making clearer what we  in SAYMA             collectively believe to be 
>our Yearly Meeting’s  Faith and             our Practice.    Thanks to everyone 
>at all the Monthly             Meetings, Preparative Meetings, Worship Groups 
>and those who             participated at Yearly Meeting sessions to do the 
>“Spirit             Wrestling” needed to produce SAYMA’s 2012 revision of the             
>Now             all we need to do is to keep the Faith and to . . . .             
> Practice . . .  Practice . . .  and then ….. Practice some             more.  
>-- Free
>Free               Polazzo , Clerk
>Committee               to Revise the Guide to our Faith and Practice
>Committee               to Publish the Guide to our Faith and Practice
>5525               Dorsett Shoals Lane
>Douglasville,               GA 30135
>770-949-1707                (H)
>770-778-8507                (C) 
>                                                 Please               consider 
>the environment before printing this e-mail.
>PS:  Below                 is a link to a blog which gives some of our on line 
>book                 publisher Lulu’s history on the 10th anniversary of its 
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