[Sayma-Discuss] Documentary on New Hope AL Friends who went to Costa Rica because of Korean War

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Wed Nov 28 14:40:39 EST 2012


Two of my children spent several months at Monteverde, Costa Rica, which
was settled by Alabama Quakers who left the US because of the Korean
war.  Their survivors are now in their 80s.  The Kickstart project is to
fund a film interviewing them.

Some of you might know the film makers who are from North Carolina:

William M. Adler and Jody Jenkins

Monteverde, Costa Rica 

Jody (pictured) and Bill co-founded a muckraking community newspaper in
rural eastern North Carolina 30 years ago. It's taken us this long to
recover, but we're ready to resume our partnership.

Bill went on to write for Rolling Stone, Esquire, Mother Jones, and
countless other magazines and newspapers. He's also the author of three
books of narrative nonfiction. The latest, THE MAN WHO NEVER DIED, is a
biography of Joe Hill, the radical songwriter and labor martyr. Bill and
his family are spending this year among the Quakers in Monteverde.

Jody became a globe-trotting writer and award-winning documentary
filmmaker. His latest film, AMERICAN JIHADIST, won the Grand Jury Prize
for Best Documentary at Slamdance 2010 and picked up honors at a passel
of other film festivals around the world. Jody was a 2011-12 Scripps
Fellow in Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado,
Boulder. He presently lives in a 4-door (plus hatchback) white Subaru

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