[Sayma-Discuss] FWD: Ten Ways to Democratize Our Broken Economy

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A manifesto well worth sharing.


Ten Ways to Democratize Our Broken Economy


by Gar Alperovitz and Keane Bhatt


1. Democratize Your Money! - Put your money in a credit union - then
participate in its governance.

2. Seize the Moment: Time For Worker Ownership! - Help build a worker co-op
or encourage interested businesses to transition to employee ownership and
adopt social and environmental standards as part of their missions.

3. Take Back Local Government: Demand Participatory Budgeting! - Organize
your community so that local government spending is determined by inclusive
neighborhood deliberations on key priorities. 

4. Push Local Anchors to do Their Part! - Make nonprofit institutions like
universities and hospitals use their resources to fight poverty,
unemployment and global warming. 

5. Reclaim Your Neighborhood With Democratic Development! - Build community
power through economic development and community land trusts.

6. Public Money for the Public Good! - Organize to use public finances for
community development.

7. Stop Letting Your Savings Fuel Corporate Rule! - Get your workplace to
offer more retirement-plan opportunities for responsible investment. 

8. Democratize Energy Production to Create a Green Economy! - Get involved
in public and cooperative utilities to fight climate change.

9. Mobilize the Faith Community! - Get your religious organization to move
its money to a local financial institution involved in community

10. Make Time for Democracy! - Fight unemployment by joining the fight
against work









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