[Sayma-Discuss] The USA/State Prison Systems and what Friends might do about it

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HI SAYMA Friends, 


Atlanta Meeting has a Prison Work Support Group which has been meeting for
several years.    While we don't have any "minutes" to send, I wanted to
take advantage of this list to let other folks in SAYMA know that those who
attend these meetings are each working, often in different ways, to change
the way the US and State Justice Systems treat  our population who are
accused and then convicted of crimes.   Since Friends came up with the
"Pennitentiary" as a way to try and improve jails (It didn't work) , the
following report can show why we need to get re-involved as a community and
not just as individuals.      


This monster process for how we treat people who are convicted of crimes has
been running amok for some time and seems to be getting worse.   Nobody
seems to know how to deal with all the pain and grief it has created and the
future will be worse if we don't work to change it.     And all this
destruction of prisoners  (and the people who work in them) is done in the
name of "Justice" .  


Read the following to get an idea of what we are all living with:


Friends, we cannot say we don't know what is going on.   Our silence is what
allows this to keep happening.   This is a POLITICAL issue and as we seem to
avoid those I pray that we overcome our distaste for involvement in politics
so that we can be part of the solution.  




-- Free


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