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Two Sundays ago I realized that we create in silent worship a seaside.  We sit 
in unity at the seaside.  The waves come in, one after another, one behind the 
other, and wash us clean.  They wash you,and they wash me.  The message of 
integrity is not to lie, and to keep promises, but it is also to ask the right 
questions, to nurture, and to be humble before the all knowing and not foist my 
wisdom on you.  We have the power to be at one another's side in full presence 
while we heal one another and the earth, while we stand fast against faceless 
evil, the existence of which would not be possible without mankind.

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The Quaker Universalist Fellowship weblog 
http://universalistfriends.org/weblog/ invites you to join us in an endless 
How can we rise from our waiting worship and tell each other what we know? What 
religious and secular languages, what poetries or musics or images or practices 
can we discover to evoke in our fellows the clearness and joy we experience in 
the silence?
We invite you to submit blog posts and comments on blog posts. You may submit 
posts on universalist themes and the Quaker tradition to 
blog at universalistfriends.orgfor review. Comments on posts are also moderated 
before publication.
QUF encourages the expression of differing opinions. However, posts and comments 
must be respectful of others, with no personal attacks, threats or vulgar 
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