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eewwwwww !

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> A Conspiracy of Silence is controlling our modern church! Many believers
> who used to love God are being destroyed because of false teachings that
> are rampant in the church, but no one is allowed to talk about it. Modern
> believers are preconditioned, or should one say "Brain-Washed," thinking
> that if they point out someone teaching false doctrine they are a
> "troublemaker" or worse, a "religious bigot. They are shamed into silence
> and in doing so, choose their own deaths as they leave false teachers free
> as birds to spread there poisonous doctrines. Ishmael sold his birthright
> for a bowl of soup what are the sons and daughters of God selling theirs
> for today in America. Let us remember God ordained a body ministry not a
> one man show or little pope...!!! Be Blessed...!!!!
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