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A Conspiracy of Silence is controlling our modern church! Many believers
who used to love God are being destroyed because of false teachings that
are rampant in the church, but no one is allowed to talk about it. Modern
believers are preconditioned, or should one say "Brain-Washed," thinking
that if they point out someone teaching false doctrine they are a
"troublemaker" or worse, a "religious bigot. They are shamed into silence
and in doing so, choose their own deaths as they leave false teachers free
as birds to spread there poisonous doctrines. Esau sold his birthright for
a bowl of soup what are the sons and daughters of God selling theirs for
today in America. Let us remember God ordained a body ministry not a one
man show or little pope...!!! Be Blessed...!!!!  Please pardon the Hydo
Glitch on the first post had a fall recently please hold this ole frame in
the Light.. Thanks

*Frank Chapman

Craft Coordinator & Labor Relations
Corporate Safety Manager


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