[Sayma-Discuss] film project on coal, coal ash, and protecting Montana land

Geeta Jyothi McGahey mcgahey at yancey.main.nc.us
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Dear Friends,
This project detailing the plight of an Arizona rancher caused by
coalmining is being done by Bob's cousin's daughter.  She is a
dedicated and skilled young filmmaker. The subject needs to be
widely recognized.
Thanks, Geeta JYothi

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Subject: Hi and Carly's film
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Dear Gita and Bobby,

I thought that both of you would be interested in seeing what Carly
has been working on and the new film. Recently, Carly and Sam
Despeaux completed a short film series, Downwind and Downstream,
about the harmful impacts of coal ash on health, water resources,
and ecosystems. The U.S. produces 140 million tons of coal ash per
year which is stored in over 2,000 disposal sites across the
country. The films were shot in Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina,
and Montana. One, set in the ranching and mining community of
Coalstrip, Montana, focuses on the devastating impact of coal ash on
the waters flowing through the area ranches. The story is eloquently
told by father and son local ranchers, Wally and Clint McRae. In
addition to being a 4th generation rancher, Wally is a noted cowboy
poet and recipient of a National Heritage Award from the National
Endowment for the Arts.

Carly and Sam are now working on a new project, Things of Intrinsic
Worth, a feature-length documentary that follows the McRaes’
struggle to save their ranch and the Tongue River Valley from the
encroaching forces of coal production. The McRae ranch sits in the
epicenter of a battle over the power of corporations, government’s
role in protecting citizens and the environment, and the future of
the climate. Things of Intrinsic Worth weaves together a story about
the future of energy development, democracy, and  the American West,
that travels from the grasslands of Montana, to the Pacific
Northwest, to energy hungry Asia.

Carly and Sam are raising funds for production through Kickstarter
and have recently launched their campaign.  Kickstarter is a
crowdsourcing funding platform for creative projects.  It allows
individuals to actively support those they believe in.  Kickstarter
operates on an “all or nothing” model, meaning if they do not raise
$135,000 (the minimum needed for production) by August 11th, then no
one is charged their pledged amount and they will not be able to
produce Things of Intrinsic Worth. Carly and Sam are getting very
positive feedback from across the country but hav

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