[Sayma-Discuss] need your input for AFSC EC meeting from SAYMA Friends about Restorative Justice and Mass Incarceration

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Hello SAYMA discussion List member, 


Next weekend, the American Friends Service Committee’s Southern Region’s Executive Committee will be meeting here in Atlanta to working on their 4 to 5 year plan.   I’ve been asked to participate in a panel on “Restorative Justice and Mass Incarceration” that weekend (June 222-23).   The panelists  have been asked to address these 3 questions.  It would be very helpful to me (and AFSC) if you might take a few minutes and send me your views on any of the following 3 questions that will be addressed :   Please indicate your name, city and state and if applicable, Monthly Meeting , with your response.  



1.      “What are the key challenges people in the South Region face in this area?”



2.      “What organizations, other than AFSC, are addressing those challenges in the region?”



3.      What can a Quaker Organization offer that is special?” 



While the “new” Southern Region is much larger than SAYMA and even larger than the one it replaced (SERO).  The good news is that it now includes all of SAYMA’s states.   The bad news is that large areas are still without any AFSC presence.    Responses from those Friends in TN, SC, AL, MS, KY  would be especially appreciated.   


If you know someone in your meeting who may not be on the SAYMA discussion list, who is knowledgeable about either Restorative Justice and/or Mass Incarceration” please forward this email to them so that I can let AFSC get a better feel for what Friends are experiencing in our region of the country.         


Thanks for shining you Light on this very important topic.   Way will open if we are more willing to share our hopes and dreams with each other. 




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