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Hi Beth,


Can versions of postings to the SAYMA discussion list qualify as grist for the publishing mill?

To what classroom are you returning?


-- Free


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I know that many of you are in vacation mode still, but I am heading back to work this week. As I get ready to return to my classroom, I know I need to make time for SAYMA's newsletter, too. I would like to get a fall issue out to all by early in September. You can help with that! Please send me news, notes, poems, songs, announcements, what you wish to share with meetings across SAYMA. If you get me material by Labor Day weekend, (August 30-Sept 1) I will do my best to get a newsletter assembled and sent to press in time for Friends to receive it before fall representative meeting on Sept. 20. 


Thanks, Friends, for helping to make your newsletter a good one.


Beth Ensign, SAF editor, Atlanta MM

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