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Please sign petition that asks National Public Radio (NPR) to keep covering Environmental NEWS at the same level as before they reduced their staff from 4 FT to 1 PT person. 



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NPR just cut its environmental staff big time — and in a world where the impacts of climate change are growing every day, it's irresponsible. Sign the petition to demand NPR maintains its climate coverage despite these cuts.

 <http://act.forecastthefacts.org/sign/npr_climate/?t=1&akid=620.98368.JBbgem> https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.forecastthefacts.org/images/NPR_HQ-638x353.jpg

 <http://act.forecastthefacts.org/sign/npr_climate/?t=2&akid=620.98368.JBbgem> TAKE ACTION



In a shocking move, NPR gutted its environmental reporting last week, cutting down from 4 staff members to just 1 part-time reporter.

With climate change becoming an ever more pressing issue, a move like this — and by one of our most trusted public media sources — is troubling. NPR defended the move, saying climate change is covered in many other beats. But without staff dedicated to climate change, it's very plausible that coverage will suffer.

That’s why we’re asking NPR to explain how they’ll preserve their climate coverage in light of these cuts — and we're going to monitor their coverage over the next 30 days to make sure they do.

 <http://act.forecastthefacts.org/sign/npr_climate/?t=3&akid=620.98368.JBbgem> Sign the petition: Tell NPR to maintain the quantity and quality of its climate coverage, despite the cuts to its environmental reporting.

Here’s the thing: if NPR's climate reporting drops, we’re going to hold them accountable. Both Inside Climate News and a climate communications expert are closely tracking NPR’s climate coverage. If we see NPR’s climate reporting suffer under these cuts, we’ll call NPR out publicly and show them their system isn’t working — then, demand they reinstate their environmental reporters. If they maintain their climate coverage, we’ll know we’ve played a part in pressuring them to keep up the good work.

NPR's peers are stepping up and taking climate and environmental reporting more seriously. Last year, The New York Times cut its environmental desk only to see its coverage diminish. Since then, they’ve righted their error by adding 3 environmental reporters and 1 editor. In addition, The Washington Post hired a reporter to focus solely on environmental blogging earlier this month. Let’s make sure NPR not only takes climate change as seriously as its competitors do, but also leads the way on climate reporting.

 <http://act.forecastthefacts.org/sign/npr_climate/?t=4&akid=620.98368.JBbgem> Add your name: demand that NPR keeps up its reporting on climate change.

Factually yours,

Emily, Sylvie, Brant, Ryan, and the rest of the Forecast the Facts team


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http://act.forecastthefacts.org/go/894?t=6 <http://act.forecastthefacts.org/go/894?t=5&akid=620.98368.JBbgem> &akid=620.98368.JBbgem

"NPR Guts Its Environment And Climate Reporting Team, Becomes 'Part of the Problem'," Think Progress, 10-24-2014
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"Washington Post Gets (More) Serious About Climate Change, Hires Chris Mooney to Blog," Think Progress, 10-5-2014
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 http://act.forecastthefacts.org/o.gif?akid=620.98368.JBbgem http://list.forecastthefacts.org/wf/open?upn=q4XYKh6dvuxfOD2EYI70gEVkzEkZP-2FWiKCNLOxscAPBf4ps-2FNfs6aXnWc-2B2zc-2BIQRNK6et5JaKuhn07oTTOKgoll8OPbXEBWQfsDyBTbFuQ-2FF2zE1oyDlDAe2gQk0e0uD8KSr-2B-2BRj1WAxx8a8h6q-2FgO0pK0xY4V19yDFSTs1-2FhTG-2Fkw4fEVeObwMqAyjkBX6cxdVfjokU9JClMFmSR7KeOJxN-2BfeULMADgns-2FWk0fBMSlfvXsUoC6H8valV-2FcBaWBgpaK6pvbLkIFvEr5Tn6fCl8riiKb4OIHsUGTw0n0RfKvjZu1sfGHPLT3pbzdrpm <http://list.forecastthefacts.org/wf/open?upn=q4XYKh6dvuxfOD2EYI70gEVkzEkZP-2FWiKCNLOxscAPBf4ps-2FNfs6aXnWc-2B2zc-2BIQRNK6et5JaKuhn07oTTOKgoll8OPbXEBWQfsDyBTbFuQ-2FF2zE1oyDlDAe2gQk0e0uD8KSr-2B-2BRj1WAxx8a8h6q-2FgO0pK0xY4V19yDFSTs1-2FhTG-2Fkw4fEVeObwMqAyjkB> 


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