[Sayma-Discuss] FW: Thanksgiving Conversation — Seeking Inaugural Class of B Corps Fellows

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Tue Nov 25 13:52:05 EST 2014

Hello Friends,


“B Corps” is looking for “Fellows” to be trained:   “to help businesses to measure and manage the impact of their business on their workers, communities and the environment”.    This is a not for profit organization which is making it legal for corporations to exist for more than the “bottom line”.      


If this type of corporation became legal in all states,  it would help make a difference in how business could report how they interact with the competing pressures they face in our modern world.   As we learn more and more about the unintended consequences of how we report “Profit and Loss” in the capitalistic model we now use this is a good idea to bring to light other activities of businesses besides traditional financial statements.    


We Friends have an opportunity to help the states where SAYMA meetings are located to adopt this legislation as our region is  way behind the rest of the USA in changing the laws of incorporation to permit “B Corporations” to form.    Check them out and see if you might want to support those working to bring this light to your state.       http://www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps



Douglasville, GA 


PS:   Please forward to any “Young Adult Friends” list, if there is one that you know of.  





 B Corps Fellows <http://go.pardot.com/l/39792/2014-11-25/5gdb7/39792/44688/fellows_header.jpg> 

Do you know someone with a passion for using business as a force for good? Invite them to join the B Corps Fellows program—the first national service program for the impact economy.

As B Corps Fellows, recent MBA and Bachelor's graduates will be trained by B Lab to work with thousands of companies to measure and manage the impact of their businesses on their workers, communities, and the environment. Fellows will be placed for a paid year of service with institutions interested in advancing business as a force for good through their business networks, investment portfolios, or corporate supply chains.  <http://go.pardot.com/e/39792/fellows/5gdsv/109865993> Learn more.

Please forward this email to any future leaders eager to develop the skills, experience, and network to launch a career in impact-driven business. Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to apply before the early action deadline on December 31st.

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Wanted: recent grads with a passion for business as a force for good. Apply now to be a #BCorps Fellow! #BtheChange  <http://go.pardot.com/e/39792/fellows/5gdsv/109865993> bcorporation.net/fellows

 <http://go.pardot.com/e/39792/fellows/5gdsv/109865993> Apply Now Button

Early Action Deadline: 12/31/2014
Final Deadline: 1/31/2015

Questions? Email  <mailto:fellows at bcorporation.net?subject=RE%3A%20B%20Corp%20Fellows%20Announcement> fellows at bcorporation.net


B the Change,

B Lab and the community of Certified B Corporations
 B the Change <http://go.pardot.com/l/39792/2014-11-25/5gdc7/39792/44692/B_Corp_Fellows_Footer.jpg> 

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