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This is a good project to support.    Especially during these days where
shopping madness seems to be all the rage, please consider sending a few
bucks to the AVP folks so they can finish this film. 



PS:  please delete duplicate messages. 



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Dear AVP Friends -

In An Ideal World

A feature documentary film by Noel Schwerin


*	$1 can make this film happen, and it is needed now!
*	There is no such thing as a "small donor." Your $1 counts big time.
*	Let's show how much support AVP can give to encourage others to step


(Click the Kickstarter logo)

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The beauty of this film is that it takes place within the context of prison
life and challenges, while also "showcasing" AVP as a significant part of
the story. It is not a blatant promotion saying that AVP is the secret to
all inmate problems (which we know it is not) but it shows it as a positive
option for change.

The second beauty of this film is that Noel Schwerin, the filmmaker, is an
AVP Facilitator and because of AVP/CA's initial assistance in getting Noel
direct access to the prison - along with her incredible sensitivity and the
depth of her experience as a documentary filmmaker - In An Ideal World has
incredible footage of prison life and viewpoints. (AVP is broadly included).
I have seen it and it is very powerful.

>From the filmmaker:
"Some of you know about the film I have been making for some time. It's
called IN AN IDEAL WORLD, and follows three men who live and work in Soledad
prison. I've followed them for almost ten years - seven years filming -
their stories center around the possibility of change, particularly the
transformative change made possible by the Alternatives to Violence Project,
a Quaker and inmate-founded project that is now almost 40 years old.

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Watch your $1 at work.

"The film is Sundance, MacArthur and California for the Humanities funded
and is in its FINAL FINAL stage before release. Please join us in nudging
the project past this final release-prep phase so it can move on to the more
important work of outreach, community engagement and impact.

"I am working with a core group of terrific leaders in the field, including
Laura Magnani at AFSC, Jeanne Woodford, formerly head of the CDCR and Marc
Mauer at the Sentencing Project, to help move the conversation about
criminal justice in America away from crime and towards justice. Ann Jacobs
at John Jay, Bryan Stevenson at Equal Justice Initiative and others think it
is an important contribution to changing the conversation about prison in

Please donate your $1 today. Let's empower those without voices to be heard
and seen.

Most gratefully,


Pat Hardy


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