[Sayma-Discuss] The 'Palestinian Gandhi/Martin Luther King, Jr." Who Still Believes Non-Violence Is the Answer

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Dear Friends in Atlanta & SAYMA, 


Some of you might remember when Mubarak Awad and his Quaker wife came to
FGC.    Somehow, when I tell people about him, it doesn’t have the “oomph”
of a Newsweek story that says the same thing.   Thought some of you might
want to use some of what I wrote to the JVP-Atlanta  for your F/friends and
relatives who keep asking “where are the pacifist Palestinians?”   



PS:  Happy Labor Day   Yea, I know Quakers don’t celebrate holidays in
theory, but I believe the idea is that each day is equally important.   I
agree with that and we can designate why each day is equally important if we
remember to do that every day! 


Hi JVP Members,


Palestinian peace activist and leader Mubarak Awad came to Atlanta, shortly
after he was expelled by the state of Israel in 1988 and came to the Atlanta
American Friends Service Committee office.  The  Quaker national meeting
(Friends General Conference)  also invited him to speak to about 2,000
Quakers where he was well received, as you can image.   While I have spoken
about him at meetings of JVP, Newsweek has done an excellent job of
explaining why Palestinians don’t do what “Gandhi or Martin Luther King” did
to achieve change nonviolently.    


Well,   It’s because the Israeli government has been deporting NON VIOLENT
leaders from Palestine for DECADES!  This bothers me so much as it says so
much about a country I wanted to believe was going to be different from all
those “Others” who persecuted us over the millennia.   Well, the State of
Israel is probably better at PR than most states, but that only works for so
long.     And the lies  seem to be getting worse as the world wises up.
Even some American Jews seem to be getting the message that “War is not the


Mubarak is one of the most peaceful men I have ever met.   His wife was
awesome, too.    


Here is part of the story Newsweek wrote last month:

“Amid the smoke, rubble and blood, the idea of nonviolent protest in seems
as preposterous as it is naive.  Gaza seems as preposterous as it is naïve.
Indeed, those Palestinians who preached nonviolence and led peaceful
marches, boycotts, mass sit-downs and the like are mostly dead, in jail,
marginalized or in exile.

Mubarak Awad is one of the latter. Often dubbed “the Palestinian Gandhi” or
“Palestinian Martin Luther King Jr,” Awad now teaches the theory and
practice of nonviolence at American University in Washington, DC, far from
his Jerusalem home.


Israel kicked him out in 1988. Five years earlier, he had opened the doors
of the Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence in Jerusalem, with
the goal of fomenting mass resistance to the Israeli occupation in the West
Bank and Gaza. Do not pay taxes, he lectured. Consume only local goods, like
the Indians who followed Gandhi’s movement against British colonial rule.
Engage in peaceful protest. Plant olive trees on land coveted by Jewish
settlers. Above all, do not pick up the gun. March, and sit down, like civil
rights protesters in the American South in the 1960s. Take the beatings,
clog up Israeli jails.


It started to take, here and there, even though the leaders of the Palestine
Liberation Organization and Hamas disdained it. Awad was arrested on the
orders of then Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir and deported.”


See the whole article here and please pass it on.   He is a national
treasure that is now living in Washington D.C.  How ironic . .. considering
the U.S. has been giving the government of Israel almost a blank check.  




-- Free


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